South Sound YMCA Announces Power Scholars Academy

first_imgFacebook58Tweet0Pin0Submitted by South Sound YMCAPower Scholars Academy (PSA) starts June 20 and addresses summer learning loss for low-income children living in urban communities, enhancing overall youth development, academic performance, and graduation rates. Mornings focus on academic instruction (provided by certified teachers) in math and reading topics, while the afternoon offers a more traditional “Y camp” experience integrated with STEM and community service projects. On Fridays we’ll take them swimming in our local Y pools, arrange field trips to develop cultural competency, and bring in guest speakers to inspire Scholars to build the best of their potential.Students in the Power Scholars Academy are referred by their schools as needing additional academic help throughout the summer.We’ve partnered with Olympia School District and North Thurston Public Schools to identify 50 Scholars entering 2nd or 3rd grade to participate in the pilot. Each family will receive a scholarship covering 100% of the program cost and each Scholar will bring home a backpack full of books, math manipulatives, and workbooks at the end of the summer. We expect each Scholar to gain 2-3 months of math and reading skills at the end of 5 weeks, measured with a pre- and post-test built into the curriculum. All of our curriculum is developed by BELL (a partner of Scholastic) and is tailored to each grade cluster.We will operate out of Gloria Dei (West Olympia) and St. Mark’s (Lacey) Lutheran churches. Each church is located across the street from a partnered school (Garfield Elementary and Mt. View Elementary, respectively) so Scholars will utilize the community lunch program and have access to the playground for recess. The program at Gloria Dei runs June 20 – August 5, with a one-week break in the middle. St. Mark’s runs from June 20 – July 29.PSA includes a visit to the Y’s pools each Friday.The kids are chosen based on their current academic standing in their own school. These are students who are behind in math, reading or both, and are identified as “low-income” (ie. qualifying for free or reduced lunch).This program is not available to the public for open registration—it is by district invitation only. Parents may inquire about the program with their child’s teacher or school principal, or can contact Kacey Kimmel at for more information.last_img read more

Locals Bid Farewell To Legendary Lobster House

first_imgarry’s Lobster House in Sea Bright shuttered its doors for good on Sunday. Faithful patrons and friends turned out to say goodbye. Photo: Jay CookBy Jay CookSEA BRIGHT – Harry’s Lobster House, a legendary Sea Bright eatery for the last 70 years, closed its doors for the final time Sunday, Jan. 10. The restaurant, owned by Lou Jacoubs, outlasted a fire and multiple hurricanes that ravaged the Jersey Shore, all while it stayed in his family.An auction was set to occur Sunday night, with everything in the restaurant up for sale, ranging from both dartboards to cooking equipment.The torrential downpours throughout Saturday night could not keep the locals from celebrating Harry’s, instead of saying a final goodbye.A “Party This Way” sign adorned the front window, leading into the restaurant where streamers hung from the ceiling, patrons sporting tie-dye shirts were spotted across the restaurant, and the band Mack and Friends, led by singer and harmonica player Sandy Mack, began the festivities at around 5:30 p.m.“The bands love playing here. They like the pay, it’s better than most places, and it is just a great local place,” said Lynne Szwede, manager/music organizer at Harry’s.Szwede, who has been with Harry’s since 2013, reminisced on what was a great run. “I started working here in the summer after Sandy. I previously knew Lou, and one night he asked me to come in and help. Nobody was really consistently booking the bands, so I decided I was going to keep doing that.”“The business has changed since Hurricane Sandy,” said Szwede. “Harry’s was always known as a white gloves and white tablecloth kind of place, and it really turned into a great spot for the local music scene. The growth of the music in the area really created that change.”Friends turned out to wish Harry’s Lobster House goodbye. Photo: Jay CookSzwede lives in Sea Bright, and mentioned that the ability to either walk or ride her bike to work was a great bargaining chip for her to keep coming back. Despite it being the end of an era in her eyes, she recalled one of her favorite memories. “One of my favorites here has to be when we would have music outside at the Garden during the summer, and people who were stuck in traffic would just park their cars and come over to listen to the music.”While Szwede ran the front end of the restaurant, the mastermind behind the scenes was owner and head chef Lou Jacoubs. The restaurant has been in his family for over 70 years, and while the party transpired in the front of house, Jacoubs was hard at work in the back.As the only cook in the kitchen, Jacoubs donned a sleeveless tee with his wild white hair flowing about. He was hard at work finishing off a pair of crabcake sandwiches while a few more orders came into the kitchen.“My mother, Anna, she really perpetuated it all,” Jacoubs said, recalling how the restaurant grew. “On Easter Sunday in 1963, the restaurant burned to the ground. On Mother’s Day in 1964, she had it back up and running.”Although Jacoubs is not sure what is in store for him next, that did not stop him from giving one last cooking lesson to Susan Arscott, a Little Silver resident. “Lou has been doing the lessons for a long time, and for the past five years I’ve been coming to them,” she said, looking on as Jacoubs diced up celery and carrots for a soup. “He makes everything from scratch, and the way he makes a lobster, nobody does it like him. This place was a hidden gem that we first didn’t know about, but we come all the time.”For the locals in the area, it will be hard to say goodbye to Harry’s, especially for Joe and Sarah Lepis, who live in the North Beach area of Sea Bright. “We’ve been coming here since 1987 when we first moved in, and in our time spent here, we have met a lot of great local people,” remarked Joe Lepis.“Probably my best memory of Harry’s would have to be when they had ‘Friday Night’s with Slick,’ who used to play in Jefferson Starship,” he recalled. “Also, spending Sundays outdoors in the Garden during the summer was great as well.”“This has become one of our own spots, especially since when Donovan’s and the Mad Hatter closed after Sandy,” said Sarah Lepis. “Of course we are going to support all of the local businesses, but it is going to be sad to see Harry’s go.”last_img read more

One death resulting from collision on Highway 2 near Swan Lake

first_imgInvestigators have concluded that the tractor trailer was eastbound and the Pontiac Aztek was westbound when they both lost control and traction.The driver of the Aztek, who was pronounced dead at the scene, is believed to be an Alberta resident.The highway remains closed in both directions while officers continue working on a detour.- Advertisement -Road and weather conditions are believed to be a contributing factor of the collision.last_img


first_imgMore than 200 runners and walkers turned up for the Bumbleance 5k race and walk in Ramelton. The following are the list of those who participated and their times.1 Laim Doherty 145 17.2 2 Mark McPaul 126 17.233 Gareth Kerrigan 394 17.494 Eddie Sweeney 330 17.545 John Sweeney 147 18 6 BarryCoyle 364 18.127 Matthew Sweeney 374 18.28 Peter O’Donnell 125 18.299 Damien McBride 135 18.510 A. n other ??? 18.51 11 Adrian Herrity 107 18.5312 Raymond Doherty 154 18.5513 Declan Mc Bride 120 18.5514 James Mc Cahill 368 18.55 15 Curley Coyle 252 1916 Garran Mulligan 112 19.0317 Jimmy Gallagher 217 19.0918 Paul Russell 113 19.1319 Conor Gormley 328 19.1720 Kieran Coyle 335 19.321 Aiden O’Donnell 192 19.4722 Seamus Morrison 178 19.5823 Jonathon Edwards 176 20.0124 Dinny Doherty 119 20.0625 Cathal Morrison 177 20.1526 Noel Lynch 193 20.1727 Daniel Cullen 148 20.1828 Daragh Kelly 260 20.1929 A.N Other ?? 20.4130 Joe Coyle 202 20.5231 Pauric Mc Ginley 299 21.0432 Paul Catterson 285 21.0833 Ryan Mc Bride 121 21.1534 Danny Mc Dermott 117 21.1935 Collette Mc Elwaine 116 21.2836 Nuala Hagen 292 21.3337 Micheal Maguire 290 21.3638 Phlip Brown 109 21.3739 Martin Jordan 271 21.3840 Donal Mc Bride 203 21.541 Declan Moore 373 22.0242 Oisin Coyle 104 22.0543 John R Boyce 287 22.0944 A.N Other 22.2645 Angus Hunter 295 22.346 Kenny Graham 332 22.3147 Nancy Mc Namee 216 22.3348 Mardin Duncan 321 22.3749 Chris Ashmore 173 22.3950 Gearld Mc Connell 270 22.5151 James Maguire 383 22.5152 Megan Skinnader 273 22.5653 Micheal Douglas 114 22.5754 Anthony Mc Crea 337 23.0255 Paddy Mc Ateer 328 23.0856 David Diver 294 23.0957 Margaret Hann 141 23.1658 Desmond Coyle 363 23.3459 Eddie Gallagher 189 23.460 Patrickj Mc Geever 185 23.4361 Mark farren 341 23.4562 Danielle McNamee 105 23.4963 Dermott Friel 130 23.4964 Gloria Donehey 384 23.5765 Amy Patterson 334 24.0466 Stephen Stewart 332 24.0867 Kieran Moy 264 24.0968 Colm Mc daid 149 24.4669 Eileen Toye 329 24.4870 Darina Ferry 247 24.571 Tara Simms 291 24.5372 Seamus Crawford 198 24.5673 Laura Harte 103 24.5874 Chuck McDaid 203 25.1375 Charlie J Mc Daid 300 25.1976 Seamus Boyce 123 25.2577 James Cullen 168 25.2878 ? Tyler ?? 25.2579 Brian Doherty 122 25.2880 Rosin Doherty 261 25.3281 Ann Marie Patton 391 25.3282 Vicky Dunleavy 390 25.3283 Malachy Dunleavy 389 25.3284 Eugene Mc Gettigan 393 25.3285 Dara Morrison 315 25.3286 Oliva Furey 124 25.3587 Eileen Morning 266 25.3588 Martin Lagan 172 25.4489 A.N Other 25.4690 Sonia Doherty 251 25.4691 Hayleigh Ferry 298 25.592 Stacey Hegarty 118 25.5893 John Curran 158 25.5994 Alan Mailey 170 24.1495 Isobel Gardiner 166 26.2196 Sam Lynch 344 26.3897 Liam Ferry 204 26.4198 Nadia Dunworth 250 26.4499 Kieryann Coyle 106 26.45100 Ciaran Sweeney 101 26.46101 Jamie Lee Blaney 346 26.47102 Jason McChill 324 26.58103 Gearld Mc Fadden 179 27.05104 Ann Marie Moy 262 27.23105 Ann Marie Roache 297 27.35106 Joey O Leary 296 27.36107 Valeria Coyle 249 27.4108 Ryan Stewart 307 27.42109 Norman Irwin 215 27.42110 Mary Mc Laughlin 248 27.46111 Paul Mc Cahill 323 27.58112 Brenda Mc Cahill 322 27.58113 Denise Mc Casserly 182 28.14114 Sean Douglas 115 28.15115 Gareth Sheirdan 181 28.16116 James Greene 155 28.17117 Mary Boyce 339 28.18118 Sophie Durning 341 28.19119 Aisling Gallagher 342 28.21120 Maire Geoghagan 163 28.22121 Aoibhan :Lynch 184 28.24122 Faith During 333 28.33123 Deridre Gormley 327 28.41124 Peter Davis 188 28.43125 Corna Kemp 331 28.49126 A.N Other ?? 28.53127 Jason Peoples 143 29.02128 Micheal Murray 319 29.03129 Zara Blaney 347 29.08130 Ben Bradley 164 29.15131 Eamonn Kerr 382 29.23132 Mary O Donnell 136 29.33133 Linda Harkin 338 29.25134 A.N Other ?? 29.26135 Sinead Kinnear 336 29.3136 Molly Wheeler 370 29.37137 Maureen Gallagher 302 29.42138 A.N Other ?? 29.43139 Sara Martin 289 29.45140 Cherl Boyce 288 29.46141 Sonia Mc Ginty 286 29.47142 Annette Toye 265 29.49143 Fiona Stevenson 372 29.52144 A.N Other ?? 29.53145 Catherine Grier 152 29.58146 Claire Molloy 303 30.07147 Desiree Casburn 349 30.21148 Martina Conway 256 30.27149 Josie Lawlor 255 30.28150 Ynonne Lynch 183 30.28151 Sadie Toye 267 30.34152 Louise Doherty 268 30.35153 Nollaig Sullivan 161 3108154 David Egan 162 31.1155 Freda Diver 340 31.15156 Chloe O Donnell 138 31.16157 Alisher Grier 153 31.16158 Chloe Kerr 236 31.2159 Ann Marie Shields 199 31.52160 Nigel Brown 386 31.57161 Martin Anderson 129 32.17162 Isobel Boyle 156 32.18163 Donna Mc Fadden 221 32.3164 Allister McCready 208 32.45165 Rebecca Lee 205 33.12166 Leanna Duffy 339 33.28167 Colm Heaglenty 344 33.28168 Deborah McDaid 335 33.28169 Claire Mulrennan 243 33.29170 Mary Duddy 337 33.29171 Diane Hethenington 293 33.3172 Oran McCarron 245 34.25173 Declan Black 269 34.27174 Syria Mc Geever 197 34.45175 A.N Other ?? 34.56176 Siobhan Mc Laughlin 336 34.57177 Gillian Mc Elhinney 218 34.59178 June Moore 244 34.59179 Emma Mc Croory 243 35.05180 Catherine Kerr 108 35.08181 Gillian Aiken 133 35.08182 Conor Aiken 132 35026183 A.N Other ??? 35.28184 Shane Mc Daid 308 35.4185 Edel Mc Breathy 340 35.4186 Alan Mc Carron 214 35.4187 Conal McCarron 246 35.41188 Kathleen Stevenson 371 35.51189 William Brown 387 36.09190 Heathher Brown 385 36.11191 Kyle Mc Garvey 102 36.31192 Tina Lynch 194 36.37193 Teresa Mc Daid 367 36.37194 Bridget Friel 139 37.02195 Beric Milley 174 37.1196 Mary Wheeler 175 37.16197 Alexander Mather 381 37.16198 Majorie Mc Hugh 282 37.24199 Pat Gilroy 283 37.24200 Linda Mc Hugh 111 37.36MORE THAN 200 TAKE PART IN BUMBLEANCE 5K IN RAMELTON was last modified: February 8th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Bumbleance 5KRameltonlast_img read more