Big changes for 2015 schoolboy football season

first_imgA new title, night games, and pool sponsors are just some of the new features that will be added to the 2015 Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)/FLOW schoolboy Manning and daCosta Cup competitions. The competition is set to kick off on Saturday, September 12 with a triple-header at Catherine Hall Sports Complex in Montego Bay. Manning Cup champions Jamaica College will oppose Calabar High in the opener at 2 p.m. DaCosta Cup holders Clarendon College take on Edwin Allen in the second game at 4:45 p.m, before Irwin High face former winners Cornwall College in the final game at 6:45 p.m. Last season’s title sponsors LIME have merged with FLOW, who are the new title sponsors, and the 2015 schoolboy football competition will be the first undertaking by the new sponsors this season is the introduction of night schoolboy football. ISSA president, Dr Walton Small, admitted that there are concerns regarding night football for schoolboys but cautioned that this season was a trial and that they would review it at the end of the competition. “We had the discussion and the pros and cons were looked at … . For these games we expect everything to be finish by 8 p.m. “If parents can’t accompany them, we expect them to put things in place to ensure they get back to their destinations.. At the end of the year it is something that we are going to evaluate to see if we should continue,” he told The Gleaner. Another new addition is pool sponsors. Eleven schools will make a pool, which will include one seeded Manning Cup team and a seeded daCosta Cup team and nine others selected by each prospective sponsors. The logo for the pool sponsor will be branded on the back of the jerseys. There are 10 pools available and Wisynco has already taken four pools, Locker room has taken one pool and Lasco another pool, while two companies are said to be in negotiations and their sponsorship will be announced by next week. Each pool costs $2 million and the sponsorship will extend to the school’s junior teams (Under-14s and Under-16s) who will wear the sponsor’s logo at the front of their jerseys for their respective competitions. The Manning Cup final is set for November 28 at the National Stadium and the daCosta Cup final scheduled for December 5 at the Catherine Hall Complex. The ISSA/FLOW Super Cup will take place between October 24 and November 14. There will only be one leg for the Oliver Shield this year and that takes place on December 12.last_img read more

On This Day In EV History Electric Car Wins US First Auto

*First race on a trackElectric vehicles are upsetting the racing apple cart, winning some pretty historic races. Perhaps the most significant was this year’s evisceration of the Pikes Peak record by Romain Dumas in the Volkswagen I.D. R. But fans (and historians) know that races were being won under the influence of battery power a long ways back. In fact, the first auto race held in the U.S. on a track, as opposed to cross-country events, was won by an electric car on this very day back in 1896.More EV history Yup, before the 20th century cracked open, a race was held to promote automobiles and it was a pretty big deal. Over 60,000 people showed up at the Narragansett Trotting Park –  a horse racing track a mile in length – located in Cranston, Rhode Island on the outskirts of Providence, to watch two electric horseless carriages challenge five gasoline-powered ones.According to, the start was a slow one, with the crowds yelling the then-popular refrain, “Get a horse!” Before long, though, the entry by The Riker Electric Vehicle Company (Andrew L. Riker, proprietor) was ahead. At the end of five laps, the fastest of which it covered in 2 minutes, 13 seconds, the Riker machine was the first to cross the finish line with a total time in the neighborhood of 15 minutes. The other EV, from the Electric Carriage and Wagon Company, trundled into second place followed by a petroleum-powered machine from the Duryea Motor Wagon Company: an outfit responsible for the very first automobile sales in the United States.The event was great for Riker –  he won $900 (about $27,000 in today’s money) –  and for automobile race tracks, which immediately began springing up in cities around the country. As we know, though, the electric vehicle’s success of that era was short lived, ending for decades after, ironically, Cadillac introduced the first electric starter on a production automobile in 1912. Understanding Electric Cars – History, Technology, Barriers + More History Lesson: Electric Car Origins And Progression Source: Source: Electric Vehicle News 188-Year-Old History Of Electric Cars In One GIF Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on September 7, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News read more