Óscar: “If we want to save ourselves, we must have this mentality”

first_imgThe Celtic technician He reviewed the highlights of his team’s draw at the Bernabéu in the ‘flash interview.Balance: “It has cost us a lot. You can’t get a good result here if you don’t leave everything. We had a plan and it worked out well.”The changes work: “I am very happy with them. In the second part we thought we needed to have more of the ball and it came out perfect.”Mental power to trace: “We have done an important psychological job since we have reached Celta. If we want to save ourselves, we must have this mentality of whether we have any blow we can overcome.”Joy: “Taking a point from the Bernabéu when few gave us the option of scoring is a great joy. We have to think about our matches.”Aspas is aware: “We talked about that during the week and he told me to be calm, but it’s normal that when you’re about to win at the Bernabéu … he has that character.”Moments later he appeared at a press conference.What does the point taste like?It tastes a lot, it is a point of character, of not falling apart. In the first part Madrid had possession, but Rubén did not have to stop. In the second we knew that they were going to go for the game, we had to endure, but in two oversights they have scored two goals. But the team has shown character to get out of the situation we are in. I want to give a lot of value to the players.Are you very happy for Denis and Mina?If much. They were playing less, but they train well and have helped, which is what we want. Let it be noticed when someone leaves the bench. We need everyone, they are quality players.Bale must have been expelled?Of assumptions I prefer not to speak, I don’t know what would have happened if it was the other way around. Nor would it have been a very decisive action. Why the change of Denis for Smolov?I have seen that the midfield had to be reinforced with people with personality, to combine. We were having trouble getting to Smolov. We wanted to populate the midfield.Have you seen Madrid fragile in defense?I always see Madrid well, you just have to see that Hazard was injured and Vinicius left. We played a very good game, we knew we had to make it perfect and it was almost perfect, because we conceded two goals. But it didn’t give me a feeling of being a fragile, weak team.How important is adding in a field like this?We already said that all points are important. Here few people believed that Celta was going to add up, it is a very large moral injection. We knew that they could be important players who have played despite being aware and that a direct rival is coming.The team has gone well from these three games against Valencia, Seville and Madrid …We have given a very good level to these three teams, in Valencia the result I do not think was very fair.What do you say to the fans?I am delighted to be here and one reason is the hobby, it has come knowing that it was a complicated field. They have supported us from the hotel. These people make us believe that this has a positive end, that we can save ourselves.What Hazard played changed the plan a lot?We did not expect it, more to Vinicius, a player of similar style. But the game plan has not changed, we anticipated that a player of that profile would play in the band.His changes were very offensive, and he introduced them when the Celtic was worse …Madrid was squeezing us a lot, it was a game plan thought and as soon as they tied us we had to get the team forward, hence the three offensive changes. We have remade ourselves well and we got a very good point.last_img read more