Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Kicks Off Colorado Run With An Electric Denver Show [Review/Gallery]

first_imgFor their return to a sold-out Ogden Theatre in Denver, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead kicked off their three-night Colorado run in style. The band was clearly ready to celebrate the announcement of their first headlining show at Red Rocks in April of next year with Medeski Martin & Wood, and Friday night’s performance at the Ogden was most definitely a celebration. Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Scott Metzger, Tom Hamilton, and Dave Dreiwitz were having a blast and in proper form the whole evening, only reconfirming in fans’ minds why Joe Russo’s Almost Dead consistently remains one of the best ensembles currently continuing the legacy of the Grateful Dead.Using the name of their first song, “Don’t Ease Me In,” as a guide, the ensemble came out swinging with the energetic song, heavily featuring Tom Hamilton on guitar and Marco Benevento on keys. The looks on the faces of those on stage were ecstatic, clearly feeding off the energy of the packed house, as the five grinned and threw jubilant looks to one another and out toward the crowd. “Viola Lee Blues” continued to amp up the positive energy after a relatively short first song. This allowed each of the musicians to preview what they had in store for the rest of the evening as they handily tossed the lead between one another, with eventually Marco Benevento building the jam segment to a climax before moving aside to let Joe Russo hammer it home, eliciting full-on laughter from Tom Hamilton who clearly as stoked as the crowd for the huge drum solo.An ambient “Space” served as a transition between “Viola Lee” and “Truckin’,” for which Scott Metzger took the vocals. The beginning of its jam highlighted Dave Dreiwitz on bass, who masterfully executed a particularly quick, complex bass line without flinching. Alternating between syncopated and sparse to accelerated and jazzy, tastes of “St. Stephen” were worked throughout the jam, though Tom Hamilton did much of the heavy lifting as he worked in the renowned soaring guitar theme subtly throughout the build-up. The band slowed the “St. Stephen” jam down to a dramatic pause before moving into a “Truckin’ Reprise,” a first of its kind for Almost Dead who have never played the reprise before.Coming out of the energetic “Truckin’ Reprise,” the band slowed down into “Loser,” featuring Tom Hamilton both vocally and on guitar, by way of a “Born Cross Eyed” jam. After working through the chorus of the soulful song, Marco Benevento was given space to do his thing on the keys during an extended solo before moving into “The Eleven.” To close out the first set, Almost Dead chose the never-failing crowdpleaser, “Shakedown Street.” This final song before set break began to come to a close with the band hanging back to really highlight Scott Metzger’s spirited guitar stylings. Marco Benevento took over the lead to close out the song, playfully exchanging and working off of the groovy rhythms Joe Russo was laying down.After a 40-minute set break, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead returned to the stage, bringing back the energy of “Shakedown Street” with a “Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion” opener. This abruptly transitioned into “Greatest Story Ever Told,” this song being a definitive highlight of the night. Marco Benevento led the band out from the chorus into a slow and sultry groove featuring Scott Metzger’s soulful guitar. The jam slowed into a minimalist, pulsing jam with an almost electronic-y feel, where they stayed for a while before building the jam to a frenetic peak, then closing out with the refrain.A consistent build out of “Greatest Story Ever Told” led into a triumphant “Terrapin Suite.” The initially airy sound of the jam section darkened as Dave Dreiwitz, Joe Russo, and Scott Metzger took more exploratory solos and deepened the sound. The exotic, almost Middle-Eastern inspired build of this jam moved the band out of the darker sound, making way for a peppier, more upbeat sound that heavily showed off Marco Benevento and Joe Russo technically. This eventually culminated in the rest of the musicians on stage joining together for a highly abstract segment that eventually settled back into the melody initially introduced by Benevento and Russo. Getting reoriented and coming out of the fog of this extended, layered jam, the crowd was ecstatic as Almost Dead moved back into the triumphant “Terrapin” theme to close out the song.Coming out of “Terrapin,” Almost Dead worked through “King Solomon’s Marbles,” which teased a “Uncle John’s Band,” into “Row Jimmy.” Joe Russo took over the transition to “Good Lovin’” with a segment featuring him on drums to the delight and awe of the crowd. From “Good Lovin’,” the band moved into the “The Wheel Reprise,” which finished “The Wheel” they started the last time they played the song at the Ogden back on Valentine’s Day of 2015. “Good Lovin’ Reprise” closed out the second set, which, like the “Truckin’ Reprise,” was a first for Almost Dead, to a huge response from the crowd. After disappearing off stage for a few moments, the band returned to bust out “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad” into “Sugar Magnolia” for the encore as a send-off for fans for the night.As always, it’s a such a privilege and treat to see the amazing musicians in Joe Russo’s Almost Dead find the time to join together to celebrate and put their own special twist on the songs of the Grateful Dead. With dedicated fans across the country, it’s hard to determine whether it’s their fans or the musicians themselves who love what they do more, and the sincerity and musicianship with which they play is hard to match. They will be finishing the remaining dates of their Colorado run at the Fox Theatre in Boulder before moving onto Aspen for a Saturday night show at the Belly Up. Tickets and their upcoming tour dates are available on their website here.Check out the setlist below, as well as more photos from Rios Photos, below.Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Ogden Theatre | Denver, CO | 12/15/16Setlist courtesy of Costello via the band’s facebook pageSet 1: Don’t Ease Me In (TH) -> Viola Lee Blues @ (All) -> Space -> Truckin’ (SM) -> St. Stephen Jam -> Truckin’ Reprise # (SM) -> Born Cross Eyed Jam -> Loser (TH) -> Marco Solo -> The Eleven (All) -> Shakedown Street % (TH)Set 2: Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion (All) -> Greatest Story Ever Told (SM) -> Terrapin Suite & (TH & JR) -> King Solomon’s Marbles *, Row Jimmy (TH) -> Drums -> Good Lovin’(SM) -> The Wheel Reprise + (All) -> Good Lovin’ Reprise @@ ->Encore: GDTRFB ## (All) -> Sugar Magnolia / SSDD $$ (SM)@ – With a Throwing Stones Jam# – First time played by Almost Dead, with Throwing Stones Teases (Band)% – With “Chameleon” (Herbie Hancock) Teases (Band)^ – With Estimated Prophet Teases throughout the set& – With a “Duo Jam” & “Hateframe” (Benevento Russo Duo) Teases (JR)* – With an Uncle John’s Band Tease (Band)+ – Finishes The Wheel from Ogden Theatre on [email protected]@ – First Time Played by Almost Dead## – With out the usual We Bid You Goodnight Ending$$ – Proceeded by a “WBYGN Ending” Tease (Band) Load remaining imageslast_img read more

The global glory of soccer

first_imgEvery four years, everyday activity comes to a standstill in many nations as people stop to watch the world’s biggest sporting event. The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia started last week and will end on July 15. The final match in 2014, between Germany and Argentina, was watched by more than a billion fans.To better understand World Cup fervor, which is taking hold in the U.S. too, the Gazette interviewed Mariano Siskind, professor of Romance languages and literatures and comparative literature, who has taught two popular courses on soccer. Siskind, who was born in Argentina, spoke about the meaning of the sport, the allure and the dark side of the World Cup, and his favorite players.Q&AMariano SiskindGAZETTE: What countries would you like to win the World Cup?SISKIND: I would like Argentina to win the World Cup, not because Argentina deserves to win but because [Lionel] Messi does. Messi is such a remarkable and amazing player, and this may be his last World Cup at the top of his game. He’s going to be 35 in Qatar 2022. It’d be a shame that such a fantastic player cannot crown his career with the World Cup. Like many Argentinians, I have a difficult relationship with the nationalistic feelings that soccer brings up in countries like mine. I don’t care for Argentina, actually, but I really do care for Messi. Also, I’d like Uruguay to win. And third, I’d like any other Latin American country to win — except for Brazil. I love Brazil every minute of my life except during the World Cup.GAZETTE: Because of the old rivalry between Argentina and Brazil when it comes to soccer?SISKIND: Well, it’s like rooting for the Yankees if you’re a Red Sox fan. You don’t want those who always win, like Brazil and Germany, to win again.GAZETTE: Let’s continue with the rivalry. Between [Diego] Maradona, the Argentinian soccer marvel, and Pelé, the Brazilian soccer star from the 1970s, who is better?SISKIND: Pelé was perhaps the fourth-best player in the history of soccer. Maradona is No. 1.GAZETTE: But is Maradona better than Messi?SISKIND: Messi is perfect. Maradona is god, but he is the most human of gods because he’s imperfect. Technically, Messi might be better, but Maradona’s game is aesthetically insuperable, and he was mentally much stronger than Messi. Maradona was built up to overcome challenges and difficult situations during games, while Messi is mentally weaker.Maradona is a paradigmatic tragic hero, self-destructive and filled with flaws that produce his demise. That’s what we study in our course. We try to make sense of the figure of Maradona through Aristotle’s definition of tragedy in his “Poetics,” and Nietzsche’s “The Birth of Tragedy.” There is something incredibly appealing about him, something so human. There was also something truly epic about Maradona. Because he was always surrounded by players who were mediocre or slightly above average, he had the responsibility to carry the team on his shoulders, something uncommon in a team sport like soccer. What I hate is people taking moralistic stances with Maradona, like when they say, “If I were Maradona, I wouldn’t have been so self-destructive.” Does anybody know what it means to be Maradona? It means people treating you as a god who has descended on earth. That’d drive most people crazy.GAZETTE: Maradona, and soccer in general, inspire such strong emotions. Soccer is a game, or is it more than a game?SISKIND: Soccer is never just soccer. Like with many sports and other cultural practices, there’s a lot more at stake than what happens on the pitch. Beyond sociological considerations of soccer as the world’s most popular sport and the most global socio-cultural phenomenon, when we say that soccer is more than a game, we’re not talking just about soccer but about the way we relate to soccer.Paraphrasing Karl Marx when he conceptualizes “class,” soccer has to be thought of as a social relation. Soccer mediates personal relations. It brings people together, but at the same time produces all kinds of exclusion. In Argentina, for instance, during the World Cup people who don’t like soccer feel excluded or they exclude themselves. But those of us who are conscious of the fictions that are at stake in sports, and soccer in particular, we’re always conflicted because … soccer is stupid. [Laughs.] It’s not that important. It’s 22 guys running around a ball, and one team wins and another one loses, and your life goes on regardless of the outcome. Some of us who care too much about soccer are always of two minds when it comes to soccer. Because it’s true, objectively soccer doesn’t matter, and yet it does. [Laughs.] “Juan Pablo Varsky, an Argentinian sports journalist, said that soccer is the most important thing of the least important things in life, and I agree.” GAZETTE: And for soccer fans, their team’s victories and defeats bring them utter happiness or deep sorrow … Why does soccer evoke such strong feelings?SISKIND: Because fiction and narration are constitutive of our view of reality. We organize our perception of reality through fiction and narration. That’s why we love literature and other narrative arts. It’s kind of what happens with soccer. It shouldn’t affect me if a fictional character in a novel dies, but it does. The outcome of a soccer game really doesn’t matter, and yet it matters a lot. Juan Pablo Varsky, an Argentinian sports journalist, said that soccer is the most important thing of the least important things in life, and I agree. Take away the most important things in life — family, love, work as a form of transcendence, friends — and soccer, or any sport we truly love, is at the top of the least important things in life. I always ask myself, “Why am I so affected by what just happened with my team?” It is insane to be euphorically happy or totally depressed after a win or a loss, but that is what happens even to the best of us. We’re all mad! [Laughs.]GAZETTE: I read that your favorite team is River Plate, one of the most popular soccer teams in Argentina.SISKIND: If you ask me if I prefer Argentina to win the World Cup or River Plate to win the Libertadores Cup, I’d prefer the latter, of course! [Laughs.] One is a fan of his or her team. What is the nation? The nation is an invention, a fiction, whereas the relation with your local team, that’s real.GAZETTE: Let’s talk about the course you co-taught [with Francesco Erspamer]. What were you hoping students would learn through the study of soccer?SISKIND: The course is in classical humanities, where students acquire tools of critical thinking. The object of study just happens to be soccer, but it could have been any other sociocultural or aesthetic practice. In the humanities, we teach students interpretative skills that allow them to denaturalize, defamiliarize their perception, and understand cultural, social, and aesthetic phenomena in their historical context, in relation to debates that go way beyond the specificity of soccer. What I’m trying to say is it’s not a course just about soccer because, as I said before, soccer as a very significant sociocultural practice is never about just soccer.GAZETTE: Soccer is known as the beautiful game. But what are the worst aspects of soccer?SISKIND: The worst thing about soccer is nationalism. The World Cup is a very fascist moment in the culture of a country, when this false sense of unity arises, and social and political antagonism are suspended for a month. I always hate finding myself trapped in that moment, and those who usually feel excluded or marginalized because they don’t care for soccer are the ones who can save themselves and free themselves from that moment. But if you have the tragic flaw of loving soccer and you’re in a soccer-crazed country like Argentina, you can’t get away from it. It’s terrible. That’s why to me watching the World Cup in the U.S. is nice and enjoyable.,GAZETTE: But FIFA just announced that North America will host the World Cup in 2026.SISKIND: Well, to be truthful, the U.S. should have been awarded the 2022 World Cup, which was given to Qatar through this terrible network of corruption that led to the downfall of the FIFA establishment everywhere. It was the greatest thing that has happened because FIFA is probably one of the most evil corporations in the world. But the most important reflection is how ironic and perverse it is that Mexico, the U.S., and Canada will create this borderless zone during the summer of 2026, only for a month, when today the U.S. wants to build a wall to separate itself from Mexico and break a long tradition of near-perfect diplomatic and commercial relations with Canada. And it’s going to be all for show, for the money, it’s not going to be a steppingstone toward a resignification of borders. It happens everywhere where they host the World Cup. They hide poverty, dissatisfaction, and all antagonisms under the rug for a month while the world is looking. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Russia today.GAZETTE: What plans do you have to watch this World Cup?SISKIND: I’m watching it with my sons and my wife. It’s a family affair. My sons are into soccer. When Argentina lost the World Cup against Germany in 2014, my oldest son was devastated for days. And I was so sad for him for having transmitted this disease to him, for not having been able to spare him from this curse.It’s humanly impossible to watch every single game, but I cleared my schedule to watch as many games as I can. I’ve scheduled meetings only when there are no important World Cup games going on. I’m not going to miss any game by Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, and maybe England. That’s probably only 36 games during the first two weeks. [Laughs.]GAZETTE: You’re not kidding.SISKIND: No. I’m pathetic, I know. [Laughs]last_img read more

Weekly unemployment benefits tumble to under 800

first_imgThere were 737 new regular benefit claims for Unemployment Insurance last week, a decrease of 491 from the week before, as claims fell following a recent increase. Altogether 12,591 new and continuing claims were filed, a decrease of 230 from a week ago and 2,872 fewer than a year earlier. The Department also processed 2,044 First Tier claims for benefits under Emergency Unemployment Compensation, 2008 (EUC08), 45 fewer than a week ago. In addition, there were 989 Second Tier claims for benefits processed under the EUC08 program, which is an increase of 25 from the week before. The Unemployment Weekly Report can be found at: is external). Previously released Unemployment Weekly Reports and other UI reports can be found at: is external)last_img read more

Clips of the Week: Surfing OBX, Casting 4 a Cure, Crashing Downhill

first_imgOur favorite outdoor web videos from the week that was:Fall Surfing in OBXSurfer Brett Barley getting after it in the Outer Banks, North Carolina with footage shot entirely with Soloshot. This guy makes surfing OBX look amazing, especially with all those styly airs. Who knew you could get barreled so hard in N.C.?Finally Fall – Brett Barley from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo.Good Thing He Had the Full Face HelmetTen seconds of glorious ass over teakettle action. Short, sweet, and to the point…of a rock.Casting 4 a Cure on the South ForkThis one is out of region, but Casting 4 a Cure does great work. This is one of my all time favorite places to fish, and you can see why.Casting 4 A Cure from Trout TV on Vimeo.Burton, BackcountryHere is Part 1 of 4 of Burton’s snowboarding project thingamajiggy. This is a tad long, but features two of my all-time favorite riders: Nico Muller and Terje Haakonsen.last_img read more

Wantagh Man Killed in Crash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 24-year-old Wantagh man was killed when he crashed his vehicle in Levittown over the weekend.Nassau county police said Eklind Veizas was driving his Toyota northbound on Wantagh Avenue when the vehicle left the roadway and hit a utility pole and tree near the corner of Grey Lane at 3:39 a.m. Sunday.He was pronounced dead at the scene.Second Squad detectives impounded the vehicle and are continuing the investigation.last_img

The 3 amigos: mobility, BYOD & big-data

first_imgEnterprise mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and big-data have become today’s three amigos of technology. They support each other. They get in each other in trouble. And when they’re together, they have a stake in each other’s success.Mobile devices are becoming popular data collection and reporting tools for big-data platforms. Major big-data vendors and startups are launching mobile apps to augment and extend big-data reporting. These mobile apps take advantage of 3G and 4G, WiFi, and growing improvements in tablet screen resolution and touchscreens to democratize access to big-data platforms. Knowledge workers and managers can interpret, interact with, and present corporate information from big-data platforms directly from their tablets or smartphones with a minimum of training and without having to request reports from IT.The growth in these mobile apps can have a positive effect on enterprise mobility and BYOD uptake inside an organization.The rise of BYOD only feeds the demand for big-data mobile apps. But this brings with it potential problems and concerns for IT and management. In particular, BYOD and big-data can be problematic for legal departments. According to a survey of corporate attorneys conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors, 64 percent of respondents said the impact of big-data would be an “overwhelming challenge for the foreseeable future,” and 32 percent said that BYOD catching on in the workplace would create equally daunting obstacles. continue reading » 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

US Senate panel head steps aside amid virus insider-trading probe

first_imgOutraged investorsAn FBI investigation of a senior senator is rare and would have been approved at the highest levels of the Justice Department, legal specialists say.Burr is respected for keeping the Intelligence Committee independent as it investigated Russian meddling into the 2016 election and possible collusion by President Donald Trump’s campaign.He has also refused to rubber-stamp Trump’s controversial nominees to important intelligence community positions, amid worries over politicization by the White House.But his stock sales sparked outrage as millions of investors saw their shares plummet after the pandemic forced a shutdown of much of the global economy.It also drew attention to at least two other senators who made substantial investment shifts on the eve of the COVID-19 scare, Democrat Dianne Feinstein and Republican Kelly Loeffler.Feinstein, a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has said her investments are held in a blind trust and that stock sales by her husband, a prominent California financier, were unrelated to the pandemic.Loeffler, the wealthiest member of Congress, is married to Jeffrey Sprecher, chairman and main owner of the New York Stock Exchange through his company Intercontinental Exchange. The couple reportedly sold as much as $3.1 million in shares between late January and February 14.While the FBI has investigated Feinstein’s transactions, it is not known if they are also probing Loeffler, who has denied impropriety. Topics : Dumped stocks, warned donors One of the most respected Republican senators, the North Carolina lawmaker drew attention after reports showed he had dumped most of his stocks and warned donors of the looming COVID-19 pandemic in February.At the time President Donald Trump was playing down the danger to the public.Burr, who receives almost daily briefings from the US intelligence community on threats to the country, wrote in a February 7 opinion piece published on the Fox News website that the US government was “better prepared than ever” for the COVID-19 virus, assuring Americans they were well-protected.But on February 13 the senator and his wife suddenly sold off between $628,000 and $1.7 million in stocks, the ProPublica media group revealed in March, citing financial filings.On the same day, Burr’s brother-in-law sold as much as $280,000 worth of shares, ProPublica also reported.Since then stock markets have plunged as the disease swept the world. Some 1.4 million Americans have been confirmed infected and over 85,000 died, more than any other country.Burr, who receives much of the same intelligence as the White House, clearly had a different private view of the threat than the government’s public stance.Two weeks after Burr’s share sales, Trump assured the public that the 15 US coronavirus cases reported at that time could be the peak.The same day Burr told a private gathering of wealthy donors that coronavirus was a threat akin the 1918 Spanish Flu, which killed tens of millions.”There’s one thing that I can tell you about this: It is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything that we have seen in recent history,” he said. “I believe this step is necessary to allow the committee to continue its essential work free of external distractions.”Burr is under investigation over whether he used his access to highly classified intelligence to sell stocks in February — before the coronavirus pandemic struck the US, and while Americans were being told the virus’s threat was low.The Los Angeles Times said federal agents wielding a warrant seized his cellphone late Wednesday at his Washington home, after having first accessed Burr’s personal files on his iCloud account. Republican Senator Richard Burr, chairman of the powerful US Senate Intelligence Committee, stepped down Thursday after the FBI seized his cellphone in a probe of alleged insider stock trading tied to the coronavirus pandemic.Burr said he informed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that he would give up the chairmanship temporarily while the FBI investigation is ongoing.”The work the Intelligence Committee and its members do is too important to risk hindering in any way,” Burr said in a statement.last_img read more

Direct lending managers ‘move to boost fees by lowering hurdle rates’

first_imgMany asset managers selling direct lending investment vehicles have made moves to lower hurdle rates in the latest round of fundraising, which would effectively increase their overall fees, according to consultancy bfinance.Niels Bodenheim, London-based senior director of private markets at bfinance, and Dharmy Rai, associate within bfinance’s private markets department, said: “Some are sounding out the idea; some have already tried to market their latest offerings; most have not (yet) succeeded in taking a step that, for [limited partners (LPs)], would be hard to stomach.”Hurdle rates are the point at which lucrative “catch-ups” and performance fees kick in, the firm explained.In a market commenary, Bodenheim and Rai said that, often, the height of a hurdle and the structure that kicks in when it is reached receive less attention than management fee and carry percentages. This may be because the latter are often open to negotiation while the former are set in fund terms and conditions, they said.“Yet the hurdle is, arguably, the most important part of the fee leakage puzzle,” they said.“Indeed, we see examples where managers with lower management fees end up taking home more money purely because they reached the same — net-of-management-fee — hurdles sooner than they otherwise would have done,” said Bodenheim and Rai.The pair said they did not believe direct lending managers’ hurdle rates had been too high in recent years and that in some cases, the threshold had already been a bit too low.“There is still, on average, too much leakage in the net performance figures,” they said, adding that in general the hurdle should be no lower than 2% beneath the fund’s expected return.Although it might be understandable that firms were cutting hurdle rates if expected returns were lower for new funds — in order to keep their business profitable — bfinance said that this did not seem to be the case –– expected returns on funds being raised in 2017 were broadly the same as before, except where strategies were very different.One explanation could stem from the fact that many private debt funds were run by private equity firms, said Bodenheim and Rai. Staff at these companies expected the same compensation that they received for private equity work.But this was hard to justify, bfinance said, since private equity managers could generate significant upside but private debt managers could not.Following noticeable improvement for LPs in management and performance fees for direct lending funds over the last few years, a reduction in hurdle rates could represent a backwards step, Bodenheim and Rai said.“Hopefully the negative reaction among investors, together with rising competition among fund managers, will dissuade firms from following through on such changes,” they said.last_img read more

Luxury island home is a boatie’s paradise

first_img ON THE MARKET 7 Brittanic Cres, Sovereign Islands.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa13 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoOther features include a study, media room and six-car basement.Agent Edin Kara described the mansion as world class.“Designed with pure luxury in mind this home was crafted in quality and created for the family,” he said.Sovereign Islands is a unique island estate situated in the middle of the Broadwater surrounded by multi million dollar homes.“The estate offers beautiful landscaped parks, 24-hour security and stunning waterways.” 7 Brittanic Cres, Sovereign Islands.WHEN luxury and sophistication go hand-in-hand this is the result.Nestled on 1260sq m2 of land with 37m of water frontage is a five-bedroom five-bathroom mansion at 7 Brittanic Cres, Sovereign Islands. 7 Brittanic Cres, Sovereign Islands.The 20m pontoon is suitable for a 100ft boat or yacht, making the property a boatie’s paradise.The house feature an array of outdoor areas designed to capture the spectacular Broadwater and Hinterland views.Inside there are several lounge, dining and family areas to relax and unwind.There are quality appliances throughout include high ceilings, chandeliers, Miele appliances and granite benches. 7 Brittanic Cres, Sovereign Islands. No expense has been spared in making it one of the signature lavish homes on the island paradise. Address: 7 Brittanic Cres, Sovereign IslandsAgent: Edin Kara and Ali Mian, Ray White Sovereign IslandsArea: 1260sq m Price: Contact agentInspection: By appointmentlast_img read more

One Room Shack

first_imgEntertainmentLocalNews One Room Shack by: – September 7, 2011 Photo credit: Flickr.comONE ROOM SHACK, the debut poetry publication from Delroy Nesta Williams, comes from a special place, his heart. And within his heart is a myriad of issues and ideas that were egging to get out. One Room Shack can be described in one short phrase, simply special. Special not only because it is the first book from the author but also as a dedication to the “mothers” that have influenced Nesta’s life. The poems address various issues including poverty, failure, personal struggle, “faith and hope… but the greatest of these is love.”Mr. Williams is the Immediate Past President of the National Youth Council and by all accounts an advocate for various youth issues, some of which come through clearly through his poetry. He attributes his love of poetry and writing from an early exposure during his high school years at the Dominica Grammar School and his interest in creative arts.ONE ROOM SHACK contains poems and thoughts that all can comprehend and take as words of discovery, wisdom, comfort, warmth and inspiration. The book also signals a transitional and developmental stage in his writing and personal life as well. We encourage you to share in the moment and make it your own.FREE EXPRESSIONS POETRY COMPANY is proud to release this publication, ONE ROOM SHACK, Delroy Nesta Williams’ labour of love to the World…Press ReleaseFREE EXPRESSIONS POETRY COMPANY 13 Views   no discussions Share Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Tweetlast_img read more