Umphrey’s McGee Restarts Tour In Tulsa With A Beatles Cover Bust Out [Photos/Video]

first_imgLoad remaining images Last night, Umphrey’s McGee geared back up for tour following a two-week break after their three-day April Fool’s Day run at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, WI. Yesterday, the band hit Cain’s Ballroom with The BIG Something, picking things up right where they left them with a jam-packed performance for the Tulsa, Oklahoma crowd. The night was kicked off with a roaring “Room To Breathe,” which the band livestreamed via TourGigs and which you can watch below. A major highlight from the night fell during the second set, when the band jammed out of “Nothing Too Fancy” to lay down a delicious rendition of “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.” The Beatles bust out marked the first time the song had been played in close to four years, with the last time it was covered falling on April 26th, 2013 in Chicago.The band will continue to the iconic Stubb’s in Austin, Texas tonight to continue the tour. You can peep last night’s setlist below, courtesy of AllThingsUmphreys, as well as a gallery of photos from last night below courtesy of photographer Jeremy Scott.“Room To Breathe”Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee | Cain’s Ballroom | Tulsa, OK | 4/19/2017Set One: Room to Breathe, In The Black, Intentions Clear > Get In The Van, Example 1, The Fussy Dutchman, Sociable Jimmy > Make It RightSet Two: Bright Lights, Big City, The Linear > Booth Love > Nothing Too Fancy > She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Little Gift > Mulche’s OdysseyEncore: Kimble > Nothing Too Fancylast_img read more

No Progression Is Regression. And What Is Regression?

first_imgDespite all of its advantages, globalization has an inherent disadvantage: It is increasing competitive pressure and forcing companies to continually become better and more efficient – at an ever-faster pace. Companies marketing their products and services on the international stage aren’t the only ones that are affected; globalization also means that foreign competitors are showing interest in entering into our domestic market. The strongest competitor is no longer necessarily from the familiar town round the corner, coming instead from Sao Paulo or Bangalore. This is thoroughly intentional; all trade agreements in a model of this kind engender a macroeconomic win-win situation. More recently, since the confusion surrounding Brexit, we have been able to anticipate the dramatic consequences that an economy without a sensible trade agreement could face.The digital age has further increased global competition. Who would have thought a few years ago that a trader from Hangzhou would grow to become one of the largest e-commerce vendors in the world, even selling t-shirts, hair curlers, garden furniture, and also machine parts for the manufacturing industry? Where is Hangzhou, anyway?There’s a promising solution to the increasing global competitive pressure: ‘digital transformation’. This stands for: optimizing processes, accelerated product development, reduced costs, better customer interactions, and a greater degree of market flexibility. The global economy has recognized that digitalization is not an option, it’s now an essential requirement needed for success in international markets.And this is where it begins to get interesting.To quote the findings of Dell Technologies’ latest market survey, the Digital Transformation Index (DT Index): “Despite the inexorable move towards a digital world, many business’ digital transformation programs are still in their infancy.”That’s expressed quite nicely. The survey was completed by 4,600 business decision-makers around the world; it indicated that only five percent of companies make up the group known as ‘digital leaders,’ a group which regards digitalization as an integral part of their DNA. A quarter of the companies consider themselves to be on the right path, having made concrete plans to digitalize and even allocating budgets already; however, more than 70 percent are proceeding rather hesitantly, cautiously testing different approaches or simply waiting until they see a need to take action.The economy has been ushering in digital transformation for many years, so this finding is rather disappointing. Five percent is not an impressive figure! Of course, there are some major hurdles when it comes to reorganizing IT (this is, in effect, what it is really about). The lack of funding is the biggest hurdle. Many companies are also concerned because they believe they won’t be able to store customer details securely any longer and don’t know how they could effectively protect themselves from cyber attacks after undergoing a process of digitalization. Another serious problem is a lack of in-house expertise, as the job market simply doesn’t have a sufficient supply of IT experts, never mind IT security experts. Running parallel to this is an often intangible cultural transformation which is necessary to drive digital transformation forward successfully. By way of example, interdisciplinary and cross-departmental cooperation puts many people off because they see their much-loved positions jeopardized by virtual project teams.The good news is that awareness has risen; after all, the vast majority of those questioned in the DT Index survey believe that digital transformation should play a considerably larger role in their companies. On the other hand, many people are also apprehensive of not being able to meet the requirements of their customers. Incidentally, one in three is pessimistic and feels left behind in the digital age.The fact that digital transformation is a complex process is nothing new. The most radical requirement is perhaps the need for management to change their way of thinking and question old models and processes. As a concept, that is obvious. But, as is often the case, the reality is different. At any rate, digitalization mustn’t fail as companies will fail without it. Markets are unforgiving; the lack of a budget doesn’t change this. Organizations must ultimately be capable of reallocating monetary funds to support digital transformation, even if that has never been done before. They must also be capable of protecting themselves against cyber attacks, because – regardless of whether they have initiated a process of digitalization or not – they don’t have any other option. They must also be capable of finding external partners when internal expertise is not enough.Five percent is not a lot of digital leaders but, on its own, this figure is certainly a good start. That being said, it’s actually quite alarming as the category of digital leaders also comprised exactly five percent of examined companies in the first Digital Transformation Index survey conducted two years ago. Not moving forwards within two years is actually a huge step backwards in the IT world. But that’s not all: German companies even saw their share drop from six to five percent. If no progression is regression, then what does that make regression?This is no reason to stick our heads in the sand. But in light of increasingly strong competition together with the greater and greater number of digitally proficient startups which are addressing markets with more flexibility and success than ever, companies had better step up their digitalization efforts quickly. As the DT Index puts it: “The time to act is now.”last_img read more

Simplify Lifecycle Management with Dell EMC PowerEdge & VMware

first_imgCo-author: Damon EarleyIT Admins can realize significant time savings with up to 98% less hands-on time to update hypervisor and firmware¹We’ve often heard that the most precious resource is time. What if we told you that Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware have teamed up to help your IT staff get a little more time back in their day? No, it’s not magic, although you may feel compelled to work on your next virtual party trick with all of the time savings that your IT staff will reap from using Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter (OMIVV) and vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM). Better yet, use the time saved to access more exciting content from the first-ever virtual VMworld 2020, including the PowerEdge and VMware on-demand technical session.Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware have jointly innovated to give your IT staff the virtualization mathematics that really add up to true time savings. Earlier this year, VMware launched VMware vSphere 7 as vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM), which enables IT to deploy, manage and update both software and drivers in conjunction with a hardware support manager for hardware firmware using a desired state model. Dell EMC PowerEdge was one of the first server manufacturers to implement this epic new feature with our own hardware support manager, Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter (OMIVV). The results include some pretty impressive time savings for your IT staff, who like the rest of the world, are strapped for time. We’ll dive into those time savings but first, let’s talk about OMIVV.OMIVV is the systems management plug-in from Dell for vCenter, providing a unified view of physical and virtual servers for PowerEdge hosts running vSphere. With it, monitoring and lifecycle management of the physical server can be brought into the native vCenter user interface, helping provide a holistic view of your server resources. With vLCM and OMIVV, you can see a significant decrease in the total time it takes to run these updates. Benefits include:Reduced manual steps by setting up templatesRepositories that can be used repeatedly across many serversCommunication with vCenter to work with its software policies, like ProActive HA, DRS, and vSANCapability to leverage live migration policies, including for VMware vSANCustomers have maximum flexibility and control when patches and updates are deployed, with unified software and firmware lifecycle management. And they can do it simply within vCenter, a familiar and comfortable tool. With Cluster Profiles, both for legacy vSphere and with vLCM, monitor for compliance and drift automatically, and schedule updates from within vCenter.Based on this report by Principled Technologies, with vLCM and OMIVV, it took 98% fewer steps to update the hypervisor and firmware on an 8-node PowerEdge cluster.Number of steps to update both hypervisor and firmware across a cluster. Fewer steps are better. Source: Principled TechnologiesA lot of the steps to this process – defining the software image, what drivers are needed, what firmware needs to be applied – are generally done only a handful of times based on the specific servers are in the cluster. Leveraging vLCM’s new functions for setting the ESXi baseline and driver add-ons, along with hardware templates for server firmware, lets you set these things once, then use them across the environment. The overall time, as well as hands-on time, was also significantly reduced, per the chart below. Essentially, the admin time was reduced to under 4 minutes versus 3.5 hours manually.Time (h::mm:ss) to update both the hypervisor and firmware across a cluster. Less time is better. Source: Principled TechnologiesWhile we cannot jointly innovate or engineer more hours in the day, our commitment to our PowerEdge server customers using VMware vSphere, vSAN and Cloud Foundation is to help simplify and accelerate your hybrid cloud with new features such as vLCM. Learn more about our approach to lifecycle management with this on-demand PowerEdge and VMware breakout session at VMworld 2020, or visit our PowerEdge and VMware website.¹Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell EMC, “New VMware vSphere 7.0 features reduced the time and complexity of routine update and hardware compliance tasks,” August 2020.last_img read more

Daily Dirt: Blue Ridge Burn Results, BRP Inns Open, RVA Bike Lane Economics

first_imgYour daily outdoor news bulletin for October 14th, the day West Virginian and American hero Chuck Yeager became the first man to travel faster than the speed of sound:Festy Experiences the Blue Ridge BurnDespite the utterly dismal weather over the weekend, the Festy Experience music festival went off with a bang this weekend at Devils Backbone Brewery in Roseland, Virginia. The crowds could not have their spirits dampened by a little rain and the bands rocked out like we knew they would. We would like to extend a big shout out to the Festy and the Infamous Stringdusters for continuing to build on year’s past and putting on another great festival. The Festy gets bigger every year, drawing some of the biggest names in bluegrass and Americana as well as festival goers from around the region and country. We would also like to thank all the runners that braved the rain and showed for the 18th annual running of the Blue Ridge Burn 5k/10k trail race. This year’s race was probably our best yet, with the Travis Book hewn course winding its way through the festival grounds. We had a great time, and we hope you did too. We also raised a lot of money (final tally still being calculated) for the Southern Environmental Law Center, so we got that going for us…which is nice.Click here to see the full 2013 Blue Ridge Burn results of both the 5K and 10K races.See you again next year!Blue Ridge Parkway Attractions Re-OpenA few amenities along the Blue Ridge Parkway have re-opened against the backdrop of the government shutdown that is now two weeks old. Originally, the Blue Ridge Parkway was scheduled to close when the government did, but an eleventh hour decision left the road open, but closed the amenities and National Park Service owned infrastructure along the byway. Now, a few of those amenities have been allowed to re-open this past weekend. The Peaks of Otter Lodge at Milepost 86 in Bedford County had been closed since October 1, but opened its doors to visitors on Saturday. The same goes for the Mabry Mill living history exhibit and restaurant at Milepost 176 in Floyd County. Both are operated by a private concessions company that received permission to re-open. They join the Pisgah Inn outside Asheville, which also opened to visitors this weekend. The Pisgah Inn had originally defied the government shutdown and remained open during the initial phase of the shutdown, but was closed on October 4th.Why It’s So Hard to Get Bike LanesThis post is specific to Richmond, Va. and the Virginia Department of Transportation, but it highlights the bureaucratic and political challenges inherent in changing city infrastructure in regards to non-motorized traffic. There is some great technical detail in the post, but the gist of it is that municipalities don’t want to change their road or transportation infrastructure because they would receive less money from VDOT for maintenance and upkeep. For example, if a city changes a travel lane into a bike path or other type of pathway, that would count against their total miles of road, and thus would be subtracted from their next compensation. This could apply to any municipality in the state, and probably nationwide. It is just another example of a senseless hurdle in the way of progressing bike, pedestrian, and mass transit infrastructure in America.Read the full post here.last_img read more

Civil Legal Justice Act attracts many sponsors

first_img Civil Legal Justice Act attracts many sponsors Civil Legal Justice Act attracts many sponsors March 1, 2002 Regular Newscenter_img The Florida Civil Legal Justice Act, a top priority of The Florida Bar, may be in a strengthened position for getting funding essential to expand legal aid services in Florida.Bar President Terry Russell said leaders in both chambers of the legislature have expressed support for finding money for the act. The money would help victims of domestic violence, children in civil cases, immigrants, and people who need help obtaining federal benefits. The money could not be used to sue the state or any of its subsidiaries.The help from legislators came as the Bar faced a crisis in finding money for the program. It had been hoped to use surplus federal funds earmarked for transitional welfare programs as part of the welfare reform movement, but those funds wound up set aside for other uses as the state faces the budget crisis.But getting help finding nonfederal funds meant making changes in the program. Instead of getting $10 million, it will likely be a smaller amount, Russell said, and instead of applying statewide the money will likely be earmarked for pilot programs. Changes were being prepared for the bill as this News went to press.“There appears to be a good prospect we can get some general revenue funding,” Russell said. “I’m frankly pretty upbeat at this point.”Aside from the funding difficulties, the Civil Legal Justice Act has proved popular with lawmakers, garnering 60 co-sponsors — more than any other pending piece of legislation, Russell said. It has passed several committees.“There’s wide support for the bill; it’s a matter of trying to find the money,” said Steve Metz, the Bar’s legislative consultant. “We’re cautiously optimistic.”Sen. Locke Burt, R-Ormond Beach, chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee that unanimously passed the Senate version of the bill in January, albeit while members were warning money would be hard to find.He said a key determining factor on the availability of funds will be the March 8 revenue-estimating conference, which will give lawmakers the latest figures on how much they can spend in the 2002-03 budget.“The good news is the economy is getting better faster than we expected,” Burt said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”Florida is one of only 11 states that provides no state funding for legal aid — something Russell has made a top priority to change.last_img read more

Panel not sold on unanimous verdicts

first_img April 1, 2006 Regular News P anel not sold on unanimous verdicts Rep. Bruce Kyle, R-Ft. Myers, has filed a resolution declaring that Florida’s public policy should not require unanimous jury recommendations for death sentences.As chair of the House Justice Council, Kyle had conducted a workshop on the issue because Justice Raoul Cantero, writing for a unanimous court in 2005 WL 2509284 (Fla. 2005), urged: “In light of developments in other states and at the federal level, the legislature should revisit the statute to require some unanimity in the jury’s recommendations” in death penalty cases.In rejecting unanimous jury recommendations, HR 1627 states “unanimity vests with a single juror the ability to override the reasoned judgment of all other jurors weighing and considering the same facts and circumstances.”If the resolution passes, American Civil Liberties Union lobbyist Larry Spalding said the Supreme Court probably will be asked to decide whether Florida should stand alone in the way it handles jury recommendations for the death penalty. Florida remains the only “hybrid state” that allows juries to recommend death sentences by a simple majority of jurors and allows a judge to overrule a jury recommendation. Panel not sold on unanimous verdictslast_img read more

Teen Carjacked at Gunpoint in Uniondale

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Three masked men carjacked a teenager at gunpoint in Uniondale late Thursday night, Nassau County police said.The 18-year-old victim was seated in his 2012 Chrysler 300 parked on Davis Avenue when the trio walked up, one suspect pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun and ordered the victim out of the car shortly before 11 p.m., police said.The robbers stole the victim’s cell phone and wallet before they fled in the car southbound on Davis Avenue. The victim was not injured.Hempstead village police later recovered the car un-occupied on Dietz Street.First Squad detectives request anyone with information about the above crime to contact Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS. All callers will remain anonymous.last_img read more

NOPSEMA approves Santos’ WA-437-P geotechnical and geophysical survey

first_imgGeophysical data collection will consist of single beam echo sounder (SBES); multi beam echo sounder (MBES); side scan sonar (SSS); and sub-bottom profiling (SBP). In an update earlier this week, Carnarvon said that pre-FEED contracts were recently awarded to three contractors. The site survey is required to support pre-engineering studies for any future development and aims to aid in the understanding of the local geology and identify any potential subsea hazards. The timing of the Survey is dependent upon vessel availability, weather conditions and the receipt of the required statutory approvals. The geotechnical survey is required to collect detailed information on the properties of the seabed and the underlying shallow sediments to build a picture of the local geology of the area and support geophysical data collected. The Phase 2 may follow Phase 1 or start as part of a subsequent mobilisation during 2020/2021 and is estimated to take 45 days to complete. Both phases will be completed by December 2021. The preferred development concept is an initial phase of oil and condensate development followed by a future phase of gas export. Shallow water depth allows for simple wellhead platform (WHP) and FPSO development. The geophysical survey will consist of; in-situ penetration testing; borehole sampling via piston coring, vibrocoring or rock coring (substrate pending); and box coring. Dorado field illustration; Source: Santos Dorado FPSO supply competition The geophysical component of the survey is required to obtain detailed bathymetry measurements and detect hazards on or below the seabed. The Phase 1 of the survey is planned to start as early as Q2 2020 and is estimated to take 15 days to complete. The Dorado development is, like the proposed survey, located in WA-437-P where Santos is the operator with an 80 per cent interest and Carnarvon Petroleum is its partner with the remaining 20 per cent. Santos WA Northwest has received approval from Australia’s NOPSEMA for a geotechnical and geophysical survey within Permit WA-437-P, located around 145 km from the town of Port Hedland. Under the terms of the contracts, the parties will work independently to advance their FPSO designs and mature their vessel construction plans and supply terms.last_img read more

Five For Miss Isidore Pageant in San Sauveur

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share 226 Views   3 comments Tweetcenter_img Share LocalNews Five For Miss Isidore Pageant in San Sauveur by: – May 16, 2012 Shermaine Eustache, one of the 5 contestants of Miss Isidore 2012. See photo gallery with other contestants below.Five contestants from the villages of San Sauveur and Petite Soufriere will participate in the Miss Isidore Pageant set for Sunday May 27th at the San Sauveur School grounds.The contestants are Ayesha Nichols of San Sauveur and Kerlincia Bernard, Shermaine Eustache, Denise Durand and Lina Nichols of Petite Soufriere.The contestants will appear in talent, casual wear, evening wear and interview segments. The interview segment will be based on the history of St. Isidore, the patron saint of farmers.The show begins at 4 p.m.Andra Stoute of Good Hope is the reigning Miss Isidore.Fete Isidore is observed by the villages of Good Hope, San Sauveur and Petite Soufriere. A panel discussion on the topic-‘Reviving the Agriculture Sector-Challenges and Opportunities,’ will take place on Wednesday May 23rd.A games night and Lapeau Kabwit competition will be held on Friday May 25th and Fish night and the Kubuli 360 Big Truck Jam are planned for Saturday 26th.On Sunday May 27th the Miss Isidore pageant will lead into a dance with popular DJ Miguel Labadie.On Pentecost Monday, May 28th, a parade featuring local bands and groups will proceed to High Mass which will be broadcast live via radio. One elder who has given long and faithful service to the communities and to the celebration of the Feast of St. Isidore will be honoured.Fete Isidore will climax with music from the Bouyon Pioneers WCK.[nggallery id =182]Press Releaselast_img read more

Lady Raiders Roll On With ‘W’ Over Lady Twisters

first_imgThe South Ripley Varsity Volleyball team beat Oldenburg Academy tonight in three sets, 25-21, 25-17, 25-16.SR Stats:  Mercedes Bowling: 5/8 attacks 2 kills, 3 blocks (1 solo 2 assisted), 2 digs, 19/20 serving 2 aces 15 points;  Kiley Sparks: 12/14 attacks 7 kills, 5 blocks (2 solo 3 assisted), 5 digs, 16/17 serving 2 aces 12 points, 4/4 serve receive; Morgan Peetz: 3/3 attacks 1 kill, 1 assisted block, 6/6 serve receive;  Tori Tucker: 11/11 attacks 4 kills, 3 blocks (1 solo, 2 assisted), 8/9 serving 1 ace 3 points, 6/7 serve receive;  Laken Farrell: 9/10 attacks 5 kills, 9/9 serving 5 points, 7/8 serve receive;  Mariah Gentile (libero): 4 digs, 10/13 serve receive;  Elizabeth Bodenberg: 19/19 sets 6 assists, 7/7 serving 1 ace;  Kayla King: 23/24 sets 12 assists, 12/12 serving 6 points;  and Julia Rea: 3/4 attacks 1 kill, 4/5 serve receive.“With so much excitement from the Ripley County Tourney over the weekend, I was worried about how we would play tonight.” “Some of the girls aren’t feeling well, I just wanted to get through tonight with a win, and let the girls get some rest and try to get to feeling better before we play Batesville again on Thursday”. “We played well enough to win, but it was very slow.” “I was proud of the girls for pushing through tonight in three sets.”  Lady Raiders Coach Robyn Greiwe.last_img read more