Film Review: Brick Lane

first_imgby Isabel SuttonI haven’t actually read the Booker prize short-listed novel Brick Lane but, having seen the film, I’m certain it deserves all the praise it receives. As to its recent adaptation for screen – I’m not so sure.The tale is of a young Bangladeshi girl, Nazneen (Tannishta Chatterjee), who is fixed up in marriage with an unknown older man with whom she is sent to live. His home is in London, amongst the Bangladeshi community of Brick Lane, where they live in a council flat with two daughters. The film follows Nazneen as she dreams continually of life in Bangladesh, a vision which is fuelled by her sister’s letters. It is only when she becomes attached to Karim (Christopher Simpson) – a young man who runs a clothes business and sends the material to Nazneen to be sewn – that her perspective on life in Britain changes.Brick Lane is a story full of interesting dimensions: the psychological struggle of Nazneen; the subtle dynamics between herself and her intriguing husband Chanu Ahmed (Satish Kaushik II); the nature of love; the social tensions which emerge after 9/11 and the reactions of Karim and the Muslim community. There is one significant problem, however – none of these are visual themes.The beauty and colour of Bangladesh, which fills the screen at the opening of the film, becomes a faraway world which we occasionally glimpse through Nazneen’s imagination. In reality, her eyes stare out on the bleak landscape of council buildings and a grey British sky, and this is the backdrop that dominates the film.  The focus of the story lies in Nazneen’s thoughts and emotions – the letters she receives from Bangladesh and the hopes she harbours of a return. But the film can only hint at this through a mood of suppressed tension and melancholy. Nazneen is a character silenced by the misery of her predicament, and it isn’t easy to penetrate her psychology on screen. Once in a while there is an image which catches your attention: the vivid saris worn by the women in Bangladesh are still worn against the grim background of London streets: Nazneen’s figure stands out like a jewel against her concrete block of flats. Later we see the cloth of Nazneen’s sari unwind in a wave of colour, and witness her admiration for the sequined dresses in the market where Karin sells his clothes.The film draws to a close with a dramatic chase through the streets of London: Nazneen’s teenage daughter, Shahana, runs out of the house in a fury at her father, closely followed by her panicked mother. The camera darts through the darkness, blinded by the city lights: Nazneen keeps on running and running until she finds Shahana collapsed on a station platform. Nazneen travels great distances through the strory – both physically and emotionally – and this becomes apparent in her desperate chase. With scenes like this one, the film adaptation doesn’t entirely fail in conveying the power of the narrative.last_img read more

Community: Removing Your Vehicle from the Roadway after Property Damage Crash Will be Law…

first_imgRemoving Your Vehicle from the Roadway after Property Damage Crash Will be Law Once AgainIndianapolis, IN- A law that had been on the Indiana books as a misdemeanor, and was inadvertently removed, has been reinstated as a class “C” infraction.Beginning July 1st, 2016, IC 9-26-1-1.2 is added to the Indiana Code as a new section and states, “If, after an operator of a motor vehicle is involved in an accident, the operator’s motor vehicle comes to a stop in the traveled portion of the highway, the operator shall, as soon as safely possible, move the motor vehicle off the traveled portion of the highway and to a location as close to the accident as possible. However, the operator of the motor vehicle shall not move the motor vehicle if the accident involves the transportation of hazardous materials or results in the injury or death of a person or the entrapment of a person in a vehicle.” The previous law only applied to interstate highways. The reinstated law applies to all government maintained roadways.The intent of the law is to safely remove traffic hazards from the roadway so as to reduce secondary crashes, especially on multi lane highways, that are often more severe and result in more injuries than the original crash. Also, this law ensures that motorists have statutory backing when they move their vehicles. Many times insurance companies tell their clients not to move their vehicle after it has been involved in a crash, even if it’s only a property damage crash, until law enforcement arrives.Information from IN-Time, Indiana’s Traffic Incident Management Effort, states that for every minute that a freeway travel is blocked during a peak travel period, four minutes of travel delay results after the incident is cleared. Their statistics reveal the following: Crashes that result from other incidents (secondary) are estimated to be 22% of all crashes.Chances of a secondary crash increase by 2.8% for each minute the primary incident is not cleared.These secondary crashes are estimated to cause 18% of deaths on freeways.In 2008, 21% on Indiana’s crashes showed vehicles “slowed or stopped” in traffic, secondary crash.Past records indicate neither a ticket nor arrest was issued while the law was a misdemeanor and authorities do not anticipate tickets being issued under the reinstated law, except in rare circumstances.“Our intent is to educate the public that if they are involved in a property damage crash, they have a statutory requirement to remove their vehicles from the roadway,” stated Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter. “The Indiana State Police will utilize traditional media and social media to inform the public of this reinstated law which is designed to remove hazards and keep traffic moving safely on Indiana highways.”Included below is the reinstated statue IC- 9-26-1-1.2.SECTION 2. IC 9-26-1-1.2 IS ADDED TO THE INDIANA CODEAS A NEW SECTION TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY1, 2016]: Sec. 1.2. (a) If, after an operator of a motor vehicle isinvolved in an accident, the operator’s motor vehicle comes to astop in the traveled portion of a highway, the operator shall, assoon as safely possible, move the motor vehicle off the traveledportion of the highway and to a location as close to the accident aspossible. However, the operator shall not move the motor vehicleif the accident:(1) involves the transportation of hazardous materials; or(2) results in injury or death of a person or the entrapment ofa person in a vehicle.A person who violates this subsection commits a Class C infraction. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

A pint and a bun

first_imgAt Panary I am commited to teaching the “ferment” as the best way to make enriched doughs. The “one pint ferment” is a marvellous old-fashioned British craft standard. It enables the yeast to get a flying start before it gets bogged down in that heavy and rich group of ingredients – fat, sugar, egg yolk, spice – that separate it from its food. However, not everyone wants to take the trouble to set up a ferment, and the guidelines are that you can use any high-quality fruited bun dough of your choice.== The ferment ==Ingredients AmountWarmed milk 560mlBread flour 110gSugar 15gFresh yeast 60g or 30g dried yeast mixed in the flourThe doughIngredients AmountBread flour 1kgEggs (large) 2Sugar 110gSalt 15gWhen properly formed add: Mixed spice 30-40gButter 140g Knead until the dough is silky and stretches with a well-formed gluten. Gently mix in: Currants/sultanas/raisins 350g== Notes ==1. Regarding the addition of fruits, nuts and seeds to dough, a good rule of thumb is to have the fruit at 12% of bulk, which appears generous, or 15% if you want to spoil them.2. During dough making, stop the mixer regularly and let the dough rest. While it is passive, the water is seeping into the flour and forming the gluten. There’s no hard and fast rule for the amount of time the dough should be in the mixer – I like to mix a minute here, rest a minute or two, and mix again a minute there.3. The machine can be too rough for mixing in the fruit, destroying both the fruit and the structure of the dough if you are not careful. So a combination of hands and machine is better, because you can minimise the machinery action on the dough.== Method ==1. Working with the fruited bun dough, cut off a piece weighing 2 to 2.2 kg to make 16-20 large Chelsea buns. (A)2. Prove the fruit dough fully as you would for bun making – about 1 hour in bulk proof. If you are too busy for it, put it in the fridge.3. While proving, beat together in a bowl:125g of butter; 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon (freshly ground is best); 100g soft brown sugar.4. Turn the proved dough out on to a floured surface and stroke it into a rectangle with the rolling pin, setting it out just as you would for making puff pastry. Have your rectangle at least twice as long as it is wide.5. Spread the buttery cinnamon-sugar paste onto two-thirds of it – not too close to the edges (B) – then fold on top the uncovered third, making the pastry parcel in the English way. (C)6. Straight away roll it out again (D) and give it a normal “half-turn” fold as you would in the puff pastry manner. (E)7. Put it into the fridge or in a cool spot to rest, to relax it and allow more proof. A plastic covering will stop the dough skinning; a skin folded into the dough can create a seam that will become a blemish in the final product. (F)8. After about 30-40 minutes, pin it out again, this time into a long rectangle.9. Roll it up towards you into a long sausage, brushing warmed honey along the front edge to enable a tight seal. (G)10. Chop the ends off and cut the long sausage evenly into 16-20 discs (H) and place on the baking tray as flat rounds.14. Place them carefully apart so that, upon full proof, they are touching gently, yet able to be pulled apart easily when baked and cooling. (I)15. Egg glaze and prove like normal fruit bun dough for about 30 minutes. A tip is to add a pinch of salt to the egg to make it runny.16. Bake in an oven that is duller than bread temperature, barely 200?C, for 15 minutes. They should have a dark colour and spring back when gently poked with a finger. When it is out of the oven glaze it with warmed honey.last_img read more

Sugar – EU reform thoughts from Renshawnapier

first_imgThe second phase of the main EU sugar reform finishes in October. As an independent, non-refining distributor of sugar in the UK, we welcome the reform.It will improve access to new African sugars, which could bring some new types of raw cane sugar to the UK from non-EU countries. Previously, 18 former European colonies in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific benefited from preferential terms, sending raw sugar at fixed prices to EU countries every year. There will now be more opportunities for new sugars on the market.In terms of market trends, organic sugar has not been as strong in sales over the last year. It had been growing, but it has slightly declined.Fairtrade is a bigger opportunity. Consumers are not sure of the relevance of organic in sugar, but Fairtrade makes sense. A number of African countries will gain Fairtrade status over the next couple of years, and availability will increase.The market is fairly stable on sugar; in consumer terms, there has been an increase in home-baking and demand is up.Prices have risen due to exchange rates over the last year. Sugar is priced in euros; the exchange rate was 79p last autumn and is 93p now – that’s a £70/tonne price rise on the exchange rate alone.last_img read more

Video: Press Pass — K&N Pro Series East

first_img___________________________________________________________________________________________We apologize. We are having technical issues with our comment sections and fan community and it is temporarily unavailable. We are actively working on these issues and hope to have it up and running soon. We are also working on enhancements to provide a better forum for our fans. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.last_img

Bob Weir And Wolf Bros Debut John Prine Cover In St. Louis [Videos]

first_imgOn Thursday evening, Bob Weir and Wolf Bros continued their early-2019 prowl with a performance at St. Louis, MO’s The Pageant.The trio—comprised of Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir along with bassist Don Was and drummer Jay Lane—opened the show with a spirited performance of “Bertha”. From there, Weir picked up an acoustic guitar for “Friend of the Devil”, “Black-Throated Wind”, and “Cassidy”. Next, the band worked through Bob Dylan‘s “Most of the Time” for the third time this tour, followed by the Bob Weir and Wolf Bros debut of John Prine‘s “Great Rain”, which Weir recently played with Margo Price at a John Prine tribute show in Los Angeles. To close the set, Weir and his Wolf Bros worked through “Tennessee Jed” and “Bird Song”.After setbreak, the band reemerged and slid into a rendition of “Me and My Uncle”. From there, the trio began a string of segued tunes that took them through “Scarlet Begonias”, “Corrina” , and “Truckin’” before landing in Eddie Cooley‘s “Fever”, a staple cover on this ongoing tour. RatDog favorite “Two Djinn” was up next, followed by another segued string of tunes to end the set with The Beatles‘ “Dear Prudence”, “Throwing Stones”, and “Going Down The Road Feelin’ Bad”. Finally, Bob Weir and his Wolf brethren returned for an encore rendition of Dylan classic “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”.Below, you can watch a selection of fan-shot videos from the performance:“Cassidy” (Acoustic)[Video: Derek Stinson]“Scarlet Begonias”[Video: Robert Garza]“Throwing Stones”[Video: Derek Stinson]“Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”[Video: Derek Stinson]Bob Weir and Wolf Bros continue their ongoing tour on Saturday, March 23rd at Bass Concert Hall in Austin, TX. For a full list of Bob Weir and Wolf Bros’ upcoming tour dates, head here.Setlist: Bob Weir and Wolf Bros | The Pageant | St. Louis, MO | 3/21/19Set One: Bertha, Friend of the Devil, Black-Throated Wind, Cassidy, Most of the Time, Great Rain, Tennessee Jed, Bird SongSet Two: Me and My Uncle, Scarlet Begonias > Corrina > Truckin’ > Fever, Two Djinn, Dear Prudence > Throwing Stones > Going Down The Road Feelin’ BadEncore: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Doorlast_img read more

Task forces on church sexual abuse crisis to gather campus feedback, assess research initiatives

first_imgIn response to the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse crisis, Notre Dame is taking a two-pronged approach.University President Fr. John Jenkins announced in October the creation of two tasks forces focused on the crisis: a Campus Engagement Task Force and a Research and Scholarship Task Force. Listening sessions headed by the first task force begin Monday, with a total of seven sessions aimed at faculty, staff and students throughout the next two weeks.“The University of Notre Dame has both an opportunity and an obligation to direct its thought, prayer and scholarly resources to helping the Church at this challenging moment,” Jenkins said in a statement to The Observer. “We are responding to this through the creation of two task forces that will address the issues at hand in different ways. In the end, we will assess the findings and provide tangible and productive suggestions for a way forward.“I am indebted to the leadership and members of both of the task forces as they take on this difficult work.”Law professor Jennifer Mason McAward heads the Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights and is serving as one of the co-chairs of the Campus Engagement Task Force. The committee will aim to bring the community together to gather ideas on how to address the current crisis, Mason McAward said.“Notre Dame is a home to its students and an employer to its staff and faculty and so it’s also important to gather the community in a meaningful way and help people process their pain and also listen to their suggestions for how to move forward,” she said.Fr. Gerry Olinger, vice president for mission engagement and church affairs, is serving as the other co-chair of the Campus Engagement Task Force. Following the campus listening sessions, the committee will use the comments to formulate recommendations for the University’s next steps forward, Olinger said.“We really want to encourage people to participate,” he said. “I think it’s really going to strengthen the work of our task force to have a broad representation of our campus community involved. It’s really going to strengthen the final product we’re able to produce.”While part of the engagement task force’s mission is to help the community discuss and heal from the crisis, its purpose is not only pastoral, Mason McAward said.“Pastoral care is one aspect of what we’re doing but thinking about other ways in which the University can seek prevention are certainly within our purview and things that we’d really like to hear about,” she said.Ann Tenbrunsel, the David E. Gallo Professor of Business Ethics, said she sees a strong connection between the Campus Engagement Task Force and the Research and Scholarship Task Force, which she is co-chairing.“I think the first step is listening, understanding,” she said. “There’s a lot of information out there now but I think we need to listen to as many people as we can. It’s part of the healing process; but really more than that, I think [it] can contain additional insight into … ‘What should we be doing?’”Tenbrunsel said the committee will assess what expertise Notre Dame has to offer as well as initiatives and research spearheaded by outside institutions. It will then use this information to help formulate Notre Dame’s next steps in responding to the abuse crisis. Grounding the community’s suggestions with “evidence-based responses” is an important part of effective reform, Tenbrunsel said.“You can reform and it can be ineffective and you can reform and it’s worse or you can reform and improve,” she said. “Clearly I don’t have any disagreement in what direction it should go, but I think basing it on expertise, as this task force is doing, allows it more likelihood that that path will be followed.”Professor Kathleen Sprows Cummings, director of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, will also be co-chairing the Research and Scholarship Task Force. Ultimately, she said, she hopes the task force will be able to propose three or four research projects the University could undertake to address the crisis.“It’s some chance to respond [to the crisis] as I am Catholic and a member of the laity, and to use the resources we have at Notre Dame too,” she said. “This is not the only thing happening in the Church right now, but it is the most important thing happening in the Church and I think to not do something like this would be being complicit in the crisis in a way, by not trying to use your own expertise or gifts to move forward from this.”Tags: Campus Engagement Task Force, Notre Dame Statement, Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, Research and Scholarship Task Force, sexual abuse, Sexual abuse scandallast_img read more

Mountain Mama: Embracing the Power of Momentum

first_imgThe fog lay heavy like a wool blanket on the valley as we drove to the forest, away from my half-written book strewn all over my house – across countertops, floors, and tables.  The lone car in the parking lot that morning, we rode up to Cedar Mountain in Dupont State Forest hoping to make it in time for the sunrise.The climb, short, but full of spunk, left me panting in the way that reminded me how I take my usual ease of breathing for granted. At the top of the dome, we stopped in the middle of the granite field to admire the view. I greedily inhaled and took a long pull of water as the sunshine streamed down on the rock, on the scrubby pines, and on us.The rock glowed and I wandered around the sun-dappled granite admiring the intricate textures, the way quartz seem woven in layers, the way it seemed to shine, almost as if the light came from somewhere deep within the rock.I stretched my arms, welcoming the expansive sensation of taking up space after a week of hunching over my computer, typing words into paragraphs, paragraphs that were adding up to the chapters of my book. I’d been letting myself think about one chapter at a time, because every time thought about writing an entire book, it seemed too daunting of a task, too big for me to accomplish.That morning, standing on the top of Cedar Rock, I touched the edge of something within and my perspective changed. I looked out at those mountains and the seemingly impossible tasks of learning to mountain bike with some moderate level of grace and writing my second book became within grasp.My friend called out to me. “Worth getting up early for, every time.”“Yeah, so pretty,” I said, trying to find the words to explain the magic of the morning, but all I could manage was the obvious.“Ready to go?”he asked.“Sure,” I said, following him on the trail of bare rock between moss and lichen on the other side of the mountain where the sun hadn’t yet reached.The rock sloped down and became studded with potholes, and we rode in the early morning shadows of the pines. I’d read about the descent – rocky and technical with drops most walked – and as I thought about what was coming up, my monkey-mind churned the downside of momentum.What if I start going too fast? What if I get out of control? What if I get hurt?I got so gripped in my mind that I pulled hard on the brakes, stopping in a pothole and catapulting my body in slow motion right onto the rock.There was no way to pretend to be somewhere else than right there, sprawled out on the cold rock. Before getting up, I lay there for a minute until I realized that nothing hurt other than my ego.The rest of the descent I hesitated, waiting to feel more confident, waiting to feel up to the challenge, waiting for the trail to become easier. I found that the longer I waited, the harder it was to start and to build momentum.I was putting the brakes on life. I’m not saying I should have just gone full throttle and flown down that rock, but I do want to stop holding back when I should keep moving and embrace momentum.We got back to the car, a few others were in the parking lot by then, and drove home to where my writing waited for me. I swelled with renewed resolve to sit down and do the work, building the momentum that will one day lead to a book.last_img read more

How a slightly different promotional tourist video of Ston, our tourist pearl, was created

first_imgAs part of the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion” 2014-2020, the Municipality of Ston through the Structural Funds applied for the project “History on a grain of salt” which was approved, and whose total project value is 61.656.446,73 kuna, of which 85% grants.The cultural and historical ensemble of Ston with its walls and fortifications created during the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, as a unique potential for more intensive development of tourism, is in poor physical condition and therefore inaccessible to tourists. Based on such starting points, an integrated project “History on a grain of salt” was created and designed, which envisages the reconstruction, restoration and equipping of key cultural heritage sites in the Ston area.The holder of the project is the Municipality of Ston, and the partners are the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Ston, the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities, the Regional Development Agency DUNEA, the Parish of St. Vlaha – Ston and private entrepreneur Natura Dalmatia. Through this project, the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities will finance the reconstruction, arrangement and equipping of the Koruna Fortress, the arrangement of the Veliki Kaštio Fortress, the reconstruction and arrangement of the southern wall of the Ston Walls and the arrangement of the Komarda Park. The impressive complex of Ston walls and fortresses was built in the 14th century, and as its most important, and at the same time, according to its physical condition, the most critical points are the fortress of Veliki Kaštio in Ston and the fortress of Koruna in Mali Ston. After reconstruction, renovation and furnishing, they will become unique visitor attractions. By the way, the Ston walls are the second longest in the world, just behind the Great Wall of ChinaPrecisely for the needs of the project, as well as the promotion of Ston as a tourist destination, two tourist promotional films were made, called History on a grain of salt.However, both films are specific, the first is totally different from classic tourist films, and the goal was to show the past and present of Ston in a somewhat artistic way and how nothing has really changed, through the prism of making salt in Ston, which is produced according to the old tradition. for 4.000 years, as well as the preservation and preservation of traditional cultural heritage. The film is different, but also special, and thus attracts attention because it tells the authentic story of Ston through the art segment.Two promotional films of Ston, one for the purpose of promoting Ston as a tourist destination with all its charms and 5 elements – salt, walls, olives, wine and the sea, and another, who with a great dose of romance and nostalgia depicts some past times and tries to conjure up that nothing has changed in Ston since ancient times, that it is still equally romantic and lovely, that salt is still obtained in the same way, with the same tools with bare human strength, that the walls still stand as a memorial to the preservation of valuable treasures to be fought for, then and now, that oysters are grown in the same way and eaten for generations as an elixir of health and youth and many families of Ston and surrounding villages even today they live exclusively from oyster farming, with the already well-known production of wine and olive oil in the Pelješac area.The film “History on a grain of salt” was shot for more than two months, the salt harvest took place in early August and those were by far the warmest days of 2017 when daily temperatures reached 37 degrees, that the people of Ston thought they would have another harvest how hot it was. By the way, the Ston walls are the second largest after the well-known Great Wall of China, and their restoration, as the main goal of the project “History on a grain of salt”, will enable tourist visits along their entire length. The very name of the project says that before the first cornerstone, it was the first grain, a grain of salt, because the construction of the walls served to defend the saltworks, today the oldest active saltworks in the world.”Through the film, we tried to show the past and present of Ston in a somewhat artistic way, and that nothing has really changed. There are the same walls, the same saltworks, the same castle, the same small houses in the city center, the same wine cellars… The game of shots changes, and as if through a dream they merge from one time to another and give the viewer the feeling of dreaming a beautiful dream”Points out Damir Kovačić, a master photographer, cameraman and director from Studio Koda, who was in charge of the entire production and script of promotional films.The full development of a tourist destination is closely linked to audio-visual media, which only confirms the presence of tourist destinations and tourist offer on the Internet and social networks. A beautiful photograph that “tells a story”, that has emotion, or maybe even “taste and smell”, also has the power that can be crucial in attracting future tourists and their choice of holiday destination. Quality video has an even stronger impression and a much greater reach. However, what will single out individual promotional materials in the sea and the hyperproduction of publications is their diversity. “Our goal was to make films that will be different and cleansed of fashion, that will be unique and recognizable. We hope we have succeeded in that. ” says Kovacic.We live it.You will love it! Visit StonThe second film is more on the theme of the classic promo film of the destination called “We live it.You will love it! Visit Ston, but the peculiarity of this second film is that it is a completely domestic product… from the music played on the lyre, the traditional instrument of the area, to all the actors who are people from that area. That’s it, a credible authentic story.”We not only filmed and photographed Ston and the surrounding area, we Ston also lived. And I have to admit I fell in love with him. The Ston saltworks is such an inspiring location with its pools that at early dawn they become mirrors that reflect the Ston walls and the surrounding hills. I was thrilled by the information that the Ston Marathon has been running over them for the tenth year in a row, I enjoyed climbing Bartolomeo as the locals call it, better known as Podzvizd, because it is located “up, under the stars” with a 360-degree view of Ston. and Mali Ston and their bays and the fiery sunset among the windmills, which set in Ston much earlier. I already knew that I love oysters, but I adore Ston oysters and I realized that due to newly acquired emotions I unconsciously became an ambassador of Ston tourism because I unobtrusively transferred my new passion to a wide circle of people I work with every day.”Points out Iva Kružić, assistant director, cameraman and editor, about her experience of Ston during filming and adds that Ston boldly and courageously combined history, tradition and gastronomy and announced avalanche of tourist development by making promotional videos and will soon, with the final renovation of Ston walls and a tower, able to stand proudly side by side with magnificent Dubrovnik.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”Let’s be what we are, because authenticity is our competitive advantage and this is exactly what tourists want to see, experience, taste.The young photographic duo, Iva and Damir, made art out of tourism. The filming, which followed and awaited key events, spanned over two months of work. In parallel with the filming, a number of photos were produced that accompanied all the important events in Ston and Mali Ston from the Day of the Little Stone Oyster, which are held every year in mid-March, through the salt harvest, which largely depends on weather conditions. August.The goal they set for themselves was by no means easy. How to make promotional films without kneeling down and shooting materials in the style of what has already been seen? How to return to the classics in some way? Judge for yourself in their intention, it seems to me that they definitely did. They told the story of Ston in a different way, and yet the most important in an authentic and credible way.Dubrovnik is soloing instead of branding the whole region By the way, Ston is, in my opinion, one of the undiscovered tourist pearls that has a top tourist story, but so far too little has been told and valorized. By the way, the Ston walls are the second longest wall in the world, just behind the Great Wall of China, which were built during the time of the Dubrovnik Republic. In Ston, salt is produced in the traditional way, by evaporating sea water naturally, so we get an original Croatian ecological product, and just imagine the experience of seeing it and picking the same salt yourself, not to mention consuming it. Also, there is oyster farming in the Mali Ston Bay which is a top delicacy as well as top Peljesac wines, and there is also Napoleon Road.Only one of these tourist stories is enough for the development of tourism, let alone such wealth that is located in such a small area. It is Dubrovnik that should use its media as well as financial power to brand and promote the entire region, because that is exactly what Dubrovnik needs. As Ston is located on the Pelješac peninsula, there are other premium tourist products besides Ston that Dubrovnik needs. From Orebić, top quality wine Dingač and wine roads, Korčula, Mljet…Thus, guests coming for Dubrovnik would be accommodated in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and thus would also offer a rich, authentic and rounded tourist product from 3 to 5 days, not one day, because let’s be realistic, Dubrovnik is a destination for one day. All tourists who come to Dubrovnik or its surroundings would certainly visit and experience Dubrovnik one day, but the other two or four days would also experience other destinations. This would increase tourist spending on the entire region, as well as the number of overnight stays that would disperse to the entire area, everyone would “live” from tourism, and Dubrovnik could be smarter and easier to control arrivals in the city. Win – Win for everyone, both for Dubrovnik and other tourist destinations, and especially for tourists.This is exactly what Dubrovnik needs, an additional top tourist product.last_img read more

Is Leicester vs Arsenal on TV? Channel, live stream, team news and odds

first_imgIs Leicester vs Arsenal on TV? Channel, live stream, team news and odds Leicester host Arsenal on Wednesday night (Picture: Getty Images)Arsenal travel to Leicester on Wednesday night for a Carabao Cup third round tie and a meeting with either Liverpool or Lincoln on the line.Both the Foxes and the Gunners have had excellent starts to the Premier League season, winning both their opening two games and Leicester sitting top of the very early table.Brendan Rodgers and Mikel Arteta will both take the opportunity to rotate their squads, with big league matches this weekend as Leicester go to Manchester City on Sunday and Arsenal play Liverpool on Monday.When is Leicester vs Arsenal?The match kicks-off at 7.45pm on Wednesday 23 September.ADVERTISEMENTIs Leicester vs Arsenal on TV and is there a live stream?The game is not being shown on TV, Sky Sports are showing Fleetwood vs Everton on Wednesday evening.AdvertisementAdvertisementStreams are available on the Carabao Cup website.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityLeicester vs Arsenal team newsRicardo Pereira, Jonny Evans and Wilfred Ndidi are all out for Leicester.Arsenal will be without Kieran Tierney, Cedric Soares and Sokratis Papastathopoulos for their Carabao Cup clash with Leicester City on Wednesday, while the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Shkodran Mustafi remain long-term absentees.William Saliba is expected to make his debut at centre-back.Leicester vs Arsenal odds19/10 Leicester12/5 Draw6/4 ArsenalOdds courtesy of BetfairMORE: Arsenal provide injury updates on Tierney, Martinelli and Sokratis ahead of Leicester clashMORE: Arsenal dealt Houssem Aouar blow after Champions League side makes rival approachFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Advertisement Advertisementcenter_img Comment Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 23 Sep 2020 9:35 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy linklast_img read more