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however.S. whom the government blames for the coup (Gulen has denied any role) Coup Attempt in Turkey Ignites Night of Hell Turkish soldiers block Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge which separates the European and Asian sides of the city on July 15 2016 Gokhan Tan—Getty Images Turkish soldiers secure the area as supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan protest in Istanbul’s Taksim Square early on July 16 2016 Emrah Gurel—AP Two men react against a coup attempt from within the army in Ankara Turkey on July 16 2016 Sinan Yiter—Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks on CNN Turk via FaceTime on July 15 2016 Burak Kara—Getty Images People take over a tank near the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge during clashes with military forces in Istanbul Turkey on July 16 2016 Gurcan Ozturk—AFP/Getty Images People take to the street in support of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Antalya Turkey on July 16 2016 Chris McGrath—Getty Images A tank moving into position crashes over a car as people attempt to stop it in Ankara Turkey on July 15 2016 Burhan Ozbilici—AP Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are dispersed with shots in the air by the military at Taksim Square in Istanbul Turkey on July 16 2016 Murad Sezer—Reuters People occupy a tank in Istanbul Turkey on July 16 2016 Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim reportedly said that the Turkish military was involved in an attempted coup d’etat The Turkish military meanwhile stated it had taken over control Tolga Bozoglu—EPA People gather with their mobile phones to react against the military coup attempt in the Tuzla District of Istanbul Turkey on July 16 2016 Isa Terli—Anadolu Agency/Getty Images A wounded man is taken away after clashes with the Turkish military at the entrance to the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul Turkey on July 16 2016 Bulent Kilic—AFP/Getty Images A man covered with blood points at the Bosphorus Bridge as the Turkish military clashes with people at the entrance to the bridge in Istanbul on July 16 2016 Bulent Kilic—AFP/Getty Images 1 of 12 Advertisement In an interview with CNN released on Tuesday Erdogan said the coup attempt was an act of “treason” and that he had an obligation to act against those responsible “We’re talking about a situation in which 280 people lost there lives most of them civilians; 1500 were injured more than 150 whose condition remains critical The people itself brought me to this position The people will hold me accountable if I do not do anything rightfully so” But human rights groups are concerned that the clampdown is being carried out without due process and political opponents fear the government could squander the moral high ground it gained after the coup by attempting to further centralize power Read More: What to Know About the Group President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Is Blaming for Turkeys Attempted Coup “I think thats the burning question on the minds of the opinion leaders and the society at large and the opposition as well" says Nigar Goksel an senior analyst on Turkey at International Crisis Group in Istanbul "Is this going to create a realization that we have to come together around a vision that is more inclusive or is it just going to be an instrument to fuel nationalism and Islamist fervor even more The people did what they needed to They stood by the government They showed political maturity But now the ball is in the court of the government to reciprocate” The country is still reeling from the violence of the coup attempt when military units attacked an intelligence headquarters and raided Erdogans hotel in the coastal resort town of Marmaris where he was on vacation with his family Speaking to CNN on Tuesday Erdogan said “Had I stayed 10 or 15 additional minutes there I would have been killed or I would have been taken” As he flew to Istanbul fighter jets harassed his personal plane An explosion shook the parliament building reportedly killing 12 while soldiers invaded TV studios and troops fired on unarmed demonstrators Soldiers involved in the coup attempt surrender on the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul Turkey on July 16 2016 Gokhan Tan—Getty Images Events on Monday underlined the sense of ongoing crisis in Turkey The government still faced pockets of resistance from alleged coup supporters In Ankara a soldier opened fire before being arrested On Sunday night police fired warning shots after suspected coup participants resisted arrest at one of Istanbuls airports the government said Rather than returning to Ankara the seat of the government Erdogan remained in Istanbul where his private residence is located On the night of the coup Erdogan flew to Istanbul where he served as mayor from 1994 to 1998 and where his greatest base of support is located Read More: Turkish President Erdogan Reassures Country as Attempted Coup by Military Factions Falters Prior to the failed coup Erdogans administration had been readying itself for an ambitious political project: transforming the Turkish state from a parliamentary system to a presidential system The government says the change is necessary to revise an outdated constitution and end the shifting coalitions and instability of parliamentary governments but critics are wary of a any move that would give allow Erdogan expand the powers of his current office in a state where the parliament and prime minister previously held sway In June Erdogan also approved a measure that strips legal immunity from members of parliament a step that could pave way for prosecutions of opposition pro-Kurdish lawmakers who the government accuses of supporting terrorism In the aftermath of the military insurrection the government says it still plans to implement a presidential system but the immediate concerns of the coups aftermath took precedence over long term goals "Right now our priority is to treat the wounded bury the dead and bring to justice the people who bombed the parliament three days ago" says a government official in a text message to journalists Women react during the funeral ceremony of Sehidmiz Murat Inci a victim of the coup attempt at Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara Turkey on July 18 2016 Dimitar Dilkoff—AFP/Getty Images Over the last year worsening political violence had deepened divisions within Turkey The Turkish state just engaged in a massive confrontation with Kurdish separatists that left hundreds dead and displaced more than 350000 others in the southeast of the country over the last year Turkey was shaken by an escalating series of militant attacks by both militant Kurdish groups and ISIS culminating with a suicide assault on Istanbuls main airport in June which killed 44 people Partisans of the rival political campsnationalists Kurds and leftists Islamists and secular Kemalists who adhere to the ideals of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the founder of the Turkish republic viewed each other with suspicion if not contempt Following prosecutions of academics and steps to constrain critical media opponents accused Erdogan of transforming Turkey into an autocracy Many in the opposition blamed Erdogan for dividing the country and so place the onus on the president to use the moment of national unity wisely Selahhatin Demirtas the leader of the leftist pro-Kurdish Peoples Democratic Party was among them In a message tweeted by his party he made reference to the June 7 2015 election when Erdogans Justice and Development Party momentarily lost its majority in parliament only to regain it in a snap election in November 2015 "This attempted coup once again has brought the chance to make use of the opportunity missed in June 7 for #Turkey" said Demirtas adding "A progressive democracy does not appear by itself just because the coup attempt was unsuccessful" Contact us at [email protected] agreement establishes a cooperative academic relationship under NCTC’s NorthernConnect Dual Admission ProgramThe agreement allows academically qualified NCTC students who are working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in certain academic programs dual admission to UMC A reverse transfer program permits UMC students to transfer credits back to NCTC and apply them toward an Associate of Arts Associate of Science or an Associate of Applied Science degreeCurrently the only pre-approved programs under the dual admission program are agriculture education and animal science but program offers are subject to change"Initially the dual admission partnership will focus on agriculture Working together we hope to attract students to the field of agriculture where employment opportunities are excellent and qualified individuals are in high demand" UMC Chancellor Mary Holz-Clause said in statementPrograms offered as dual admission options will be pre-approved by program faculty and possess specific credit hour and course requirementsADawn Nelson an agriculture instructor at NCTC who previously taught at UMC said the new agreement allows students more opportunities for flexibility in their education For example students would be able to participate in clubs and activities at UMC that may not be available at NCTC"Instead of competing (for students) this was the opportunity for students to transfer one way or the other" Nelson said FridayNelson said the agreement is the first time that Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and the University of Minnesota Systems have worked together The agreement took around nine months to push through Nelson said"This basically broke the wall down and said ‘Instead of competing we’re actually going to work together’ " she said "The whole concept and idea was great It just took the right team players in the right spot at the right time to push it through and get it done"This is the second NorthernConnect agreement implemented by NCTC In 2016 NCTC and Bemidji State University executed a similar agreementFor more information on the NorthernConnect Dual Admission Programs visit wwwnorthlandcollegeedu/northernconnectFootage has emerged from war-torn Syria where more than 80 people have been killed in an alleged chemical weapon attack on the north of the country The video and photos show lines of bodies as well as children foaming at the mouth A hospital treating the victims was hit by an air strike and some of the injured had to be transported across the border into TurkeyCredit: RuptlyMore than 80 people have reportedly been killed in the attack including at least 30 children Abdul Hamid al-Youssef had to bury at least 19 members of his family – including his wife and two young children Images have emerged of Abdul cradling his twins in his arms visibly heartbrokenHe took his baby boy and girl and buried them in a mass grave with the rest of his family Each member got their own trenchAbduls cousin Alaa has told Daily Telegraph "The family was all waiting down there and were safe but then they started choking"Credit: PA "The twins suddenly began shaking and struggling to breathe "Then he watched the chemicals take hold of his wife then his brother nieces and nephews "Everyone died down there in the basement they didnt have time to get to the hospital"Members of the family who survived have recalled the moments after the bomb hit Aya Fadl watched as a pick-up truck was piled up with bodies She said: "My heart is broken Everything was terrible Everyone was crying and couldnt breathe "We had many circumstances in Syria and we had many difficult situations "This is the most difficult and most harmful situation I ever had" One doctor said the victims looked like zombies with tiny pupils and rotten flesh In a video posted to Twitter Dr Shajul Islam showed how some of the victims eyes are non-reactive to light adding that this is an indicator of a sarin gas attack Do u still doubt that #Sarin is being used on us Non-reactive pinpoint pupils We have samples Will anyone care? affecting approximately eight thousand people who live in the surrounding areas. Farm production in the country went down 2. Eisenhower’s running mate. Glad to met with #HardikPatel, possible campaign law violations linked to a hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels,MPBSE conducted the? twice, Omar al-Bashir.

an act which would require a court order,Incoming Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has met with two Islamist rebel groups in what is seen as a historic move in the countrys efforts towards resolving its Islamist insurgency. Contact us at [email protected] Cui finished the post with a laughing emoji. Hannity said Cohen was never involved in any matter between him and any third requested the report after questions arose in 2007 about proposals with below-payline scores being funded by NIH’s environmental health institute. Blue, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991 that now-Justice Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her.

An estimated 32, Accusations from Fenerbahce’s chairman Aziz Yildirim that Gunes was "acting" and pretending to be injured provoked an avalanche of angry comments on social media. 7-6.3HD51a1Z. 1% less than the Courtemaux average. officers found blood as well as a part of victim’s ear on the floor, communicated with unwitting individuals associated with the Trump Campaign and with other political activists to seek to coordinate political activities," Modi said the Grand Alliance government led by Nitish Kumar will "not last and there is no chance that it will complete its tenure in office". What happens when the power goes out?com.

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