Nike Announces Paul George 3 NASA Sneaker and Clothing Line

first_img Nike x ‘Stranger Things’ Is Back With an Upside Down-Inspire…Here’s a Closer Look at the Nike Kyrie 5 SpongeBob Pack Stay on target Space is cool. I think we can all come to a consensus on that, yeah? It’s big. It’s vast. There’s planets and stars and asteroids and look, I’m not saying there’s definitely aliens but I’m also not saying there’s aren’t aliens, either. And over the last few decades no organization has propelled our understanding of the universe we live in quite like NASA.Maybe the love they’re getting these days is long overdue but it’s rad to see it happen regardless. NASA is everywhere these days. Those official flight jackets are everyday wardrobe staples for the fashion-minded. Vans recently released their “Voyager” collection of NASA-inspired shoes and clothing that sold out almost instantaneously. It was only a matter of time before the king of the sneaker game, Nike, got involved.In collaboration with NASA, the PG 3 “NASA” draws inspiration from NASA’s Armstrong Building 703 in PG’s hometown of Palmdale, Calif. (Photo Credit: Nike)On Saturday, January 26, Nike will launch the Paul George 3 x NASA collection. The highlight of the line is the new signature sneaker for the Oklahoma City Thunder’s George (or “PG”), which is a stunning piece on a visual level but also utilizes plenty of new tech to up the sneaker’s performance quality.It’s not the first time PG’s sneaker line has drawn inspiration from different corners of geekdom — the lifelong gamer has gotten PlayStation involved in his signature sneaker line plenty over the last year. It’s sometimes hard to remember that basketball sneakers are crafted to elevate a player’s game first and foremost and PG and Nike designer Tony Hardman are very much keeping that in mind with the PG 3.The shoe features a mesh upper and a lighter midsole foam, making for a shoe that comes in a whole ounce lighter than the PG 2.5 (that may not seem like much but relative to the weight of a shoe, it makes all the difference).The quote emblazoned on the heel of the PG ‘NASA’ shoe reads: a quote emblazoned on the heel of the shoe, a favorite of PG’s: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” (Photo Credit: Nike)Then there are the actual NASA accents: the shoe’s mesh upper is a bright NASA orange with bright blue and red accents on the sides. The sole and fabric upper are a cool metallic silver. The tongue sports an American flag patch and the heels feature a NASA logo on one shoe and the official Apollo 11 logo on the other.Each shoe also sports the numbers “93552,” the zipcode for George’s hometown of Palmdale, CA (which also happens to be the location of a NASA research center). But the coolest detail is a quote emblazoned on the heel of the shoe, a favorite of PG’s: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”Photo Credit: NikeIn addition to the sneakers, the line features a dope backpack in NASA orange, a blue tracksuit that draws inspiration from NASA flight suits, cool tees, and a dad hat. It’s a great lineup for fans of Paul George, Nike, or just space exploration as a whole. I’d say it looks like the sky is the limit for Nike in 2019 but, well, you know. There are footprints on the moon.The Paul George x NASA collection is available on starting January 26.More on Best Geeky Sneakers of 20187 Sneakers Your Favorite DC Superhero Would WearVersace Designer Teases Apple Computer-Inspired Sneakerslast_img

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