Of Course Gears 5 Has a Horde Mode

first_img What first comes to mind when you think about Gears of War? Is it guns with chainsaws on them? Is it Marcus Fenix’s doo rag? Is it trailers with sad Mad World covers? Or is it general nostalgia for one of Microsoft’s most iconic Xbox 360-era franchises? Cole Train baby?Well the right answer should be Horde Mode. Arguably Gears’ greatest contribution to online shooter co-op multiplayer was the novel idea that you and your friends could team up to fight increasingly tough waves of monsters. Pretty much every other game ripped off this survival concept. So whenever a new Gears of War game comes out, the team has to prove once again that they aren’t only the original but also the best when it comes to Horde Mode.So check out this first trailer for Horde Mode in Gears 5.Gears 5 isn’t trying to fix what isn’t broken. It’s not like they added Funko Pops are anything. Horde Mode still has you coordinating with teammates to build defenses and take down as many foes as you can while achieving key objectives. The game just gives you more options for strategic slaughter. Perhaps inspired by hero-based multiplayer games like Apex Legends and Overwatch, each character now has a unique Ultimate ability to use on the battlefield. Hijack enemies, call down airstrikes, cloak yourself, and see through walls.In Gears 5 Horde Mode you’ll primarily play as characters from the campaign, including new lead Kait Diaz. But this isn’t canon, so might as well branch out a little bit too. You can also play as a couple of doomed Spartans from Halo: Reach to almost have the Marcus Fenix/Master Chief crossover team-up of your 2008 dreams. There’s even a Terminator: Dark Fate character pack coming featuring the killer robot and the killer Linda Hamilton.Gears 5 launches September 10 for PC and Xbox One. For more on Xbox, learn about the next Xbox indie game coming to Nintendo Switch and here’s everything we know about the upcoming Project Scarlett. Review: ‘Gears 5’ Brings a Fresh Perspective to the FranchiseYes, Your Xbox Was Spying on You Stay on targetlast_img

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