Nissans Newest EV Is an Ice Cream Truck

first_img Nine years after it was first introduced, the Nissan Leaf is closing in on half a million sold. Now the Leaf is helping power the world’s first all-electric ice cream truck.Nissan partnered with Mackie’s of Scotland, a popular U.K. producer of ice cream (as well as chocolate and other snackables). The goal was to provide a glimpse of the zero-emission future of the frozen treat business.Most ice cream trucks that are currently on the road in the U.K. are powered by diesel motors. They don’t just provide the horsepower to haul their delicious cargo, they also crank the generators that power the onboard refrigeration systems.It’s not a particular clean setup. What Nissan is pitching is a complete 180.The prototype van is based on the e-NV200, Nissan’s 100% electric light commercial vehicle. (Photo Credit: Nissan)It all starts with the e-NV200, Nissan’s light commercial van that’s built atop the same platform found in the Leaf. It sports a 40kWh battery that can recharge to about 80% in less than an hour on a CHAdeMO quick-charger.That takes care of the driving part of the equation. The coolers are attached to a separate system. They’re still powered by Leaf batteries, just not the factory-fresh one that helps turn the wheels.Nissan partnered with Mackie’s of Scotland, an ice cream producer powering its family-owned dairy farm by renewable wind and solar energy. (Photo Credit: Nissan)The ice cream truck features two integrated Nissan Energy ROAM units. Those are the same portable units that the company used to demonstrate their emission-free camping vision earlier this year.Inside the ROAM are repurposed Leaf batteries. They’re still plenty useful as a power source, capable of storing a total of 1.4kWh and pumping out a peak of 1kW. That’s more than enough to keep a full load of ice cream cool while driving around making sales.(Photo Credit: Nissan)Speaking of sales, Nissan also built a contactless payment system into the side of the van. No more cumbersome terminal passing or phone hand-offs when you’re paying for your treats.More on The World’s First Fully Electric Classic Ford BroncoNissan’s Recycled EV Batteries Power ‘Off-Grid’ AdventuresThis Extreme Electric Skateboard Can Go an Insane 45 MPH Stay on target EV Platform Shoves Everything But the Battery Inside the WheelAdditive Breakthrough Makes EV Batteries Suck Less in the Cold last_img

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