Rube Goldberg illusion makes it difficult to tell which way is up

first_imgNormally, the goal of a Rube Goldberg machine is not to make people wonder how it’s working, but to make it as inanely complex as possible, resulting in an action so simple that the machine itself is completely unnecessary. If you are wondering anything, it’s how the creator(s) had enough time and patience to setup the contraption. However, with this Rube Goldberg project, photo and video production company 2D House went a different route, and attempts to confound us with a rig that seems to defy gravity.At first, you’re probably wondering where all the magnets are. Then the switch comes, and you feel silly for not thinking of the specific illusion first, but then it turns out gravity still isn’t working like it should. Unfortunately, 2D House hasn’t revealed its methods just yet, but we can probably all agree that we’re relying on “magnets and camera tricks” to explain the rig, for the sake of our own sanity.Mercifully, in the YouTube video’s comments section, 2D House did say that it’ll be releasing a video explaining its methods, as well as detailing the construction of the rig sometime soon.Aside from a photography and video studio, 2D House actually specializes in Rube Goldberg machines, which, as fans of the contraptions, we can only hope makes for a lucrative, long-lasting business.Head over here to check out some of its other Rube Goldberg rigs, and check back sometime soon to see if it explained the admittedly amusing illusion.via 2D Houselast_img

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