Amazon will remove Kindle Fire HD Special Offers for 15

first_imgWhen Amazon announced the new Kindle Fire HD tablets last week, Bezos failed to mention one feature during his presentation which was later found buried in the press release: all Kindle Fire HD tablets will ship with Special Offers adverts as standard.What Special Offers means is each user will be presented with adverts on their Home and Lock screens. Typically these will be genuinely good offers rather than annoying adverts, and it acts as a way for Amazon to keep the initial cost of buying the tablet down. However, some users aren’t happy with the adverts and Amazon has decided to respond.Anyone buying one of the new Kindle Fire HD tablets will have the option to remove Special Offers from their device. It’s a choice that comes with a price tag though, and you’ll have to pay $15 to make it happen.The quick decision by Amazon to offer the opt-out demonstrates how important the Kindle Fire tablets are to the company, and how focused they are on keeping consumers happy. In reality I doubt many people will choose to pay the $15, but at least the option is there now if you want to keep your device ad free.Choosing $15 as the cost of going ad free also gives us some insight into how much Amazon thinks they are worth. Does every Kindle Fire user average out to about $15 worth of advertising? Or did Amazon just pick a price high enough to deter most from disabling them and choosing to buy a movie or some music instead?via ars technicalast_img

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