Is this the iPhone 5 casing

first_imgYou can never be sure about the veracity of an Apple product leak, but a series of high-quality leaked pictures of a purported next-generation iPhone seem too detailed to be fake. The device, pictured in both white and black, hits all the bases from recent rumors, and even include some surprises. Most importantly, though, the new iPhone will still look like an IPhone.The device retains the same flat design with the metal rim forming part of the antenna. The most striking change is the back plate, which is no longer composed of fragile glass. The majority of the back surface is metal, which joins up with the metal rim of the device. The top and bottom are still glass, or possibly a ceramic of some sort. An all metal back might have been nicer looking, but the non-metal ends will be better for radio performance.There are not any images of the screen itself, but the disassembled front casing seems to confirm the move to a 3.99-inch screen. Unconfirmed sources are saying that panel will be 1136×640, which is just a little taller than the current Retina Display. A move to that resolution would mean a new 16:9 screen ratio. That could be a pain for developers, who have been designing apps for a 3:2 panel. Apple itself could use the extra 176 lines for an additional row of icons on the home screen. The front of the case also has a physical home button.The bottom edge of the phone has all manner of weird and wild stuff going on. Firstly, there is a new dock connector that finally eschews the dated 30-pin connector Apple has been relying on for so many years. The new port doesn’t look like a micro-USB, though. Apple likes to go with its own proprietary connectors. Expect a new ecosystem of accessories/adapters, and get ready to toss that old Apple dock out the window.If this is the real deal, it also appears that Apple has decided to move the headphone jack from the top to the bottom of the device. At first, this seems like an odd move, but some Android phones and the iPod Touch have been doing this for years. The phone would have to go in your pocket upside down, but it is more comfortable to use the device with the headphones plugged into the bottom — the cord stays out of the way when it’s in your hand.We don’t have any measurements of the device, but it’s safe to say that the extra height will make it easier for Apple to fit in an LTE 4G radio. Cupertino is silent on matters, but perhaps we’ll get a better look at this device at Apple’s WWDC event next month.via 9 to 5 Maclast_img

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