Siri to be exclusive to the iPhone 4S will jailbreakers be able

first_imgWith Apple’s demonstration of the Siri voice assistant highlighting today’s announcement of the iPhone 4S, it wasn’t immediately clear whether it would be available on all iOS devices, or just on the iPhone 4S. It now looks like Apple is presenting Siri as the killer feature of the 4S, because that’s the only device that will be toting the personal assistant.Would Siri be technically capable of running on an iPhone 4? I’m sure. Would it be able to do so seamlessly, without any hiccups? I’m thinking not, and that’s part of the reason Apple is tying it exclusively to their latest iPhone update.Of course, it’s also convenient from a marketing perspective. Aside from Siri, there isn’t a lot to make iPhone 4 users salivate, feeling like they have to upgrade to the 4S this year. Having the iPhone 4S be the only device that totes Siri arguably gives customers that sense of urgency.Maybe the real question, then, is whether the jailbreak community will be able to enable the feature on the iPhone 4 (or the iPad, iPod touch, and older iPhones for that matter). In the past, they have managed to get multitasking, folders, and a variety of other features running on older iOS devices where those features were disabled by default.Those features, however, were present (but hidden) in all versions of iOS 4, so it only took the editing of a few plist files to enable them. The question, then, would be whether Siri is present in all versions of iOS 5, or if the 4S gets its own specially-cooked firmware with Siri. Considering it has been absent from all iOS 5 betas, it will almost certainly be the latter.So it isn’t out of the question for jailbreakers to bring Siri to other iPhones, but I wouldn’t bet the house on it. And, even if it were enabled on the iPhone 4, whether it would run brilliantly – without the iPhone 4S’ dual-core A5 chip – is another question altogether.via Applelast_img

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