Paul Ceglias lawyers drop his case against Facebook

first_imgPaul Ceglia, the man who’s been caught up in a legal battle with Facebook for months now, still says he owns half of Facebook. Back in April, Ceglia claimed he had new proof to back up his assertion, and had hired a big-name law firm to support him in court. Now that big-name law firm, DLA Piper, has dropped his case.Ceglia’s assertion that he owns half of Facebook ties back to a promise he claims Mark Zuckerberg made to him back in 2003. Facebook and Zuckerberg both deny the exchange ever took place, but when Ceglia re-appeared in April with DLA Piper in town, people started to take notice.DLA Piper said they had done a “thorough investigation” into Ceglia’s claims, and thought they had enough merit to defend in court. Facebook promptly responded by saying they had done their own investigation, which had turned up Ceglia’s criminal record and conviction for fraud, among other damaging things.In essence, Facebook’s position was that Ceglia may have known Zuckerberg at one point, but there was no promise to give him half of the company’s value, and Ceglia was making the whole thing up. To boot, they claimed that his background proved that Ceglia was the type to make fraudulent claims like this, and that he should be ignored.Fast forward to this week, where DLA Piper has quietly withdrawn from the case completely. In addition to DLA Piper, a massive international law firm that’s more than familiar with technology and intellectual property law, Ceglia was also represented by Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman, a smaller law firm who had also pledged to take on his case.Now, however, Ceglia finds himself without any legal representation in his battle with Facebook. Both law firms refuse to give out any details on why they dropped the case, citing attourney-client privilege. However, it’s clear that Facebook turned over additional information based on their own investigations that may have led to them leaving Ceglia’s side. Whether Facebook could definitively prove that Ceglia was lying is one thing, but it’s likely at least that they could prove his claim couldn’t stand up in court.All of this hasn’t stopped Ceglia, though. He’s already signed up a new law firm based in San Diego to handle the ins and outs of his case, and he’s still working with Paul Argentieri, the lawyer who’s been with him since the beginning of his case. It’s worth noting that Argentieri is also the lawyer who unsuccessfully defended him in the fraud case that led to Ceglia’s last conviction.Read more at PaidContentlast_img

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