Google Doodle celebrates Harry Houdini

first_imgAs ever, Google uses the logo on its search homepage to celebrate important people or dates in history. Today it’s the turn of Harry Houdini who would be celebrating his 137th birthday if still alive today.Born in 1875, Houdini’s real name was Erik Weisz and he died rather young at just 52 years of age in 1926 from peritonitis. Injuries caused from proving he could take any blow above the waist without being hurt, coupled with an appendicitis, are thought to have been the cause.He started out doing card tricks rather unsuccessfully before turning to focus on his escape acts, and at one point managed to leave police at Scotland yard scratching their heads as to how he escaped from handcuffs. Most will know and remember Houdini for his work as an escape artist. His notable escape acts included the mirror handcuff challenge, milk can escape, Chinese water torture cell, suspend straitjacket escape, overboard box escape, and the buried alive stunt. All of them done without anyone having a clue as to how he got out of the handcuffs or jacket.Throughout his acts Houdini relied on the aid of stage helpers. The last remaining stage helper from his tours died this past Sunday. Her name was Dorothy Young and she impressed Houdini enough to get a contract with him when she was only 17 years old. Her most famous act while with Houdini was as the Radio Girl of 1950. She left the Houdini tour in 1926, two months before Houdini himself died. Young was 103 when she died this past weekend.via Google (additional images and information courtesy of Wikipedia)last_img

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