UNESCO chief denounces killing of Cambodian journalist urges investigation

“I condemn the killing of Taing Try,” said Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Irina Bokova. She noted that people and communities must be informed and require information from diverse channels, so they can make important personal and professional choices. “This is why the work of journalists like Taing Try is so essential and why it is so important that those responsible for his murder are brought to justice,” Ms. Bokova added. Mr. Try – a freelance reporter for local newspapers and a member of the journalist association “Khmer Bracheathibtey” or Khmer Democracy – was killed on 12 October in Kratie province.His name will be added to UNESCO’s dedicated webpage for journalists killed while on duty.He is believed to be one of several journalists killed in recent years while reported on illegal logging in the province, according to media sources.

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