I Gotta Guy

first_imgThe relationship you want with your clients sounds like, “I gotta guy,” or the female version thereof.You want the kind of relationship that when a competitor calls your client, their attempt to woo them away is rejected out of hand because they have you. You want a relationship that is so strong that your customer isn’t even open to considering someone else. Ever.That relationship protects you from competitive threats, and it helps you to build your business. Whenever anyone mentions to your client that they have some problem that you could easily take care of, you want your client to recommend you.But if you are going to create and hold this place over time, you are going to have to earn that level of loyalty.You are going to have to execute flawlessly for some time. You are going to have to perform.To be the person that your client can count on, you need to have serious chops, and deep subject matter expertise. You are going to have to be well read and on top of what the future holds.You are also going to have to go above and beyond anything that your client might expect of you. You are going to have to go the extra mile, and make visible that you have done so.Being “the guy” or “the girl” means being proactive. You are going to have to take care of things before your client even knows that they need to take care of them.I’ve heard people say, “I don’t want a client that calls me after hours or on weekends.” What they are really saying is that they want someone else to be that client’s go-to person.If you want loyalty, you have to earn it. If your goal is lifetime clients, this is what it takes.last_img

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