Facebook CEO: “I know we’ve made a bunch of mistakes”

first_imgRelated Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos curt hopkins According to an email from the Facebook CEO earlier today, Facebook is planning some changes to their much-debated privacy policies. Mark Zuckerberg told blogger Robert Scoble, “We’re going to be ready to start talking about some of the new things we’ve built this week.”The full text of the email exchange is available on Scoble’s blog and a screenshot of the exchange is available on Flickr.“We’ve been listening to all the feedback and have been trying to distill it down to the key things we need to improve. I’d like to show an improved product rather than just talk about things we might do.We’re going to be ready to start talking about some of the new things we’ve built this week. I want to make sure we get this stuff right this time.I know we’ve made a bunch of mistakes, but my hope at the end of this is that the service ends up in a better place and that people understand that our intentions are in the right place and we respond to the feedback from the people we serve.” If Facebook does in fact improve the “key things” that people have been worried about, then perhaps Zuckerberg’s hope may be realized. People may understand the company’s intentions and recognize them as positive, as well as recognize its willingness to listen to and learn from its users. The key will be in tangible changes, though, and not just in presenting the way in which the privacy decisions were made.Screenshot from Robert Scoble A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditcenter_img Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Tags:#Facebook#privacy#web last_img

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