Jevon Rockwell, July 25

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The rains have been splitting. They go out over the lake or they head down to Columbus. We finally got some rain yesterday. We had four tenths and we are still dry. It made a little difference but it didn’t go down very far. Our corn is definitely starting to show the dry conditions. It is hurting yield and I think with the heat we have had it is really hurting pollination. Some of our corn started pollination a week ago.The corn is our biggest concern. We have corn that is four and five feet tall with a tassel. That is not going to produce much and we have a lot of that on our heavier ground. On our sand everything looks great, but on our heavier ground the corn is really uneven. Some of the corn is already firing up from the bottom and taking things much harder than the beans. The beans are starting to struggle but are still doing much better than the corn.As far as insects, the worst I have found are the Japanese beetles. They are thick this year. They are eating silks on the corn and they are eating the beans. There are a lot of Japanese beetles. They are worse on the outsides of the fields. When you get into the fields they are not as thick, but they are definitely thicker than they usually are.Our soybeans have held in there pretty well, the double-crops, not so much. They have really stalled out. We cut our wheat high and they haven’t even outgrown the stubble yet. A lot of them are six inches tall and they are waiting on some rain. The rains we have been getting are just enough for them to hold on.last_img

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