NBA Power Ratings And Playoff Odds What The Trade Deadline Hath Wrought

MILPHO+0.0 NOPMIA, OKC, PHO-0.1 DETBOS, OKC+1.4 BOSDET+2.1 SACWAS+1.8 OKCNOP, UTA-0.7 TEAMTRADED WITHNET WAR MINBRK-0.2 PHIDEN, HOU, MIL-0.1 DENPHI, POR+0.7 UTAOKC+0.2 WASSAC-0.9 NYKHOU-0.5 After a week’s hiatus because of the All-Star break, we’re back with FiveThirtyEight’s NBA Power Ratings.There are more than a few trade deadline-related changes to the rankings this week, but before I get to those, a quick explanation of how these numbers work: Teams are ranked according to a projection of their strength over the upcoming week using Real Plus-Minus (RPM) player ratings provided by Jeremias Engelmann and Steve Ilardi. For more details on these numbers, see our introductory rankings post.In many ways, ranking the league after a reshuffling of players — like Thursday’s trade deadline — is precisely what power ratings such as these are intended to do. Because they’re based on the underlying talent of the players on each team’s roster, they ought to be able to account for player movement more quickly than ratings that require the new-look teams to play together a bunch of times.So, how much did the deadline really shake up the league? Here’s a look at the statistical effect of deadline trades on each team, in terms of the RPM wins above replacement (WAR) they are projected to gain or lose over the remainder of the 2014-15 schedule: HOUNYK, PHI+0.3 (Note that all of these gains and losses are for 2014-15 only — they don’t take into account draft picks exchanged or even the future implications of picking up a player and his contract.)As SB Nation’s Paul Flannery noted, this trade deadline didn’t really make much difference despite all the chaos in the final hectic minutes.Sure, the top team, Miami, added about 2.4 wins over the rest of the season, and Phoenix brought up the rear with a loss of more than 3 WAR when the dust settled. The moves may have kept the Heat afloat for the playoffs (especially in light of the subsequent news that Chris Bosh would be lost for the season with blood clots) and signaled the death knell for the Suns’ postseason chances.But the rest of the biggest movers and shakers on deadline day either had already locked up a playoff slot (Washington and Oklahoma City took steps back but are near 100 percent playoff probability by our projections anyway) or didn’t have a prayer no matter what they did (the Celtics, for all their improvements on deadline day, are still staring at a mere 12.1 percent chance of making the playoffs).The exception to this might be the Detroit Pistons. Two weeks ago, the Pistons clung to a meager 9.9 percent probability of making the playoffs, according to our model. Now they have a 47.8 percent chance of making the postseason and have jumped from 21st to 16th in the power rankings — some of that thanks to the 1.4-WAR boost they picked up at the trade deadline with Reggie Jackson (an upgrade made doubly positive by the discarding of sub-replacement level guard D.J. Augustin).Aside from the Pistons, however, it seems as though few of Thursday’s moves will upend the playoff picture in either conference.At any rate, many of the trades yielded positive WAR simply by jettisoning a poor player from the roster. Take, for instance, Sacramento’s trade of Ramon Sessions to Washington. It netted a solid player in return — Andre Miller is expected to generate 0.8 WAR for the Kings over the rest of the season — but removing Sessions was the bigger windfall in terms of 2014-15 WAR. Sessions’ -5.1 predictive RPM combined with an expectation of 17 minutes per game to potentially deliver -1.0 WAR to Sacramento before it traded him away.As for the rankings themselves, the New Orleans Pelicans were the biggest movers since two Mondays ago — and in a very bad way. They lost all-everything forward Anthony Davis to a shoulder sprain that will cost him several weeks of action, which coupled with an ongoing injury to Jrue Holiday — and the addition of RPM disaster Norris Cole — to drop the Pelicans 11 ranking slots. RPM says their depleted roster projects to be the fourth-worst in basketball over the next week.The Dallas Mavericks dropped eight slots in this edition of the rankings. Adding Amar’e Stoudemire didn’t help, but the biggest changes were an injury to Chandler Parsons and the return of statistical enigma Rajon Rondo to their lineup. Rondo’s having a subpar season by the numbers, and short-term RPM gives him a rating near the replacement level. But at least Dallas is still 99.5 percent likely to make the playoffs, according to our simulations.Looking for good news? The Los Angeles Clippers rose six spots in the rankings from two weeks ago. Usually changes to the power ratings are due to player movement, injuries or other reallocations of minutes, but in the case of the Clippers, the improved play of Jamal Crawford has also played a role. Crawford still carries a negative RPM rating, but he’s averaging 22.8 points per game over his last four outings and has been present for some of the Clippers’ best basketball — they’ve averaged a +17.5 scoring margin per game with him on the floor over the past two weeks.Finally, let’s give a hand to the New York Knicks. While they’ve been a fun punchline all season, they’ve been in a dogfight with the Philadelphia 76ers for last place in our rankings all season. But after a season-ending injury to Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks have separated themselves from the pack, easily ranking as the least-talented team in the NBA this week. With the likes of RPM ne’er-do-wells Jose Calderon, Jason Smith and Tim Hardaway Jr. projected to soak up huge minutes for the rest of the season, Jim Dolan’s team is truly a fitting “Hope Diamond in his loser’s tiara.” PORDEN+0.4 MIANOP, PHO+2.4 PHODET, MIA, MIL-3.2 BRKMIN+0.4 read more

Rory McIIroy defeats Tiger Woods in HeadToHead Exhibition

In the first head-to-head exhibition between the two biggest names in golf, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, McIlroy managed to shoot a 5-under 67 to defeat Woods by one stroke in an 18-hole match on Monday in Zhengzhou, China.The match labeled as “Duel at Jinsha Lake,” McIlroy jumped out to an early lead with two birdies on the first three holes, which proved to be clutch down the stretch to hold off Woods, who finished with a 68.Despite McIlroy taking an early lead, Woods made the competition interesting for the fans in China coming down the front nine after falling two strokes behind.  The 14-time major winner hit a flawless chip shot from the fairway on the par-3 12th hole that hit the pin and dropped in for birdie, drawing him within one stroke of the current No. 1 player in the world.But on the next hole Woods had to settle for a bogey after missing a long put, while McIlroy nailed a 7-footer for par.Woods would go on to birdie on the 14th hole to pull within one, but missed his chance to even the score on the 18th when he landed his approach shot in the bunker. Woods finished with the duel with six birdies and two bogeys.For both player this was a different experience.“This is certainly not like most Mondays,” Woods said. “To have this many people come out and watch us play golf in an exhibition was something special. This doesn’t happen.”McIlroy and Woods had to make the long travel to Zhengzhou after competing elsewhere on Sunday. McIlroy traveled from Shanghai, where he competed in the European Tour’s BMW Masters and finished second behind Peter Hanson. Woods traveled from Malaysia after finishing fourth in the PGA Tour’s CIMB Classic.The win for McIlroy was a nice consolation prize after being defeated on Sunday.“It’s been a nice distraction to not dwell on what happened yesterday,” he said. “I let a great chance to win a golf tournament slip through my fingers. Coming to do something like this today has definitely made it a little easier to deal with.”Woods even hinted at the idea of having matches with McIlroy more often to create a rivalry at the game such as the ones between Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant that have made the NBA more exciting in recent years.“If you look at the history of the game, it’s not like other sports where the guys play against each other all the time. Jack (Nicklaus) and Arnold (Palmer) didn’t go at it that often,” Woods said. “But you know what, if we can do this for the next 10, 15 years, then certainly we can have that type of rivalry.”The rivalry is what 14-year-old Ji Tianxin, who is student and golfer on occasion, came to witness, as she watched her favorite player McIlroy beat Woods.“I don’t usually get this chance to watch the best players,” she said, watching the players putt on the fourth hole. “I think the two are both stars, so I really wanted to see them.”Woods does not see this being his last match against McIlroy or any other competitor because matches like these intensify and promote the game of golf.“I think having matches like this to promote the game of golf is what it’s all about,” Woods said. “We’re trying to promote the game of golf in this region, and it’s come a long way since my first time here 11 years ago.” read more

How Georgia Can Beat Alabama

2016681.91 201730–6–1.70 SeasonNat’l RankRush EPA/Game 201633–6–1.36 201528–5–1.39 Before Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa became a household name in last season’s national title game, the Georgia Bulldogs had a 13-0 lead and were 30 minutes away from the program’s first championship in nearly 40 years. To start the second half, Nick Saban plugged in the freshman quarterback from Hawaii, and Tagovailoa rallied the Crimson Tide to an overtime victory, adding to the team’s already overflowing trophy case.Kirby Smart and the Bulldogs retreated with their tails tucked between their legs.This weekend’s SEC title game, then, represents the rematch. And once again, Tagovailoa and the Crimson Tide stand in Georgia’s way.It’s ridiculous to think there’s a blueprint for beating Alabama when they’ve looked so dominant, outscoring opponents 588 to 165 this season. But there are a few areas where Georgia may have an advantage.Of course, Georgia doesn’t want to get baited into a shootout with arguably the nation’s best offense. Of course, limiting possessions and muddying up the game are a more optimal approach. Of course, Tagovailoa should be kept off the field as much as possible.All of this starts with running the ball. Georgia’s expected points added per game on running plays during seasons under Kirby Smart 201121–5–1.39 Alabama is vulnerable on the groundBig runs given up by the Crimson Tide defense and yards given up after first contact on a running plays each year (through 12 games) since 2011 Opponents are running through Alabama tacklers like never before, too. This season, the Tide has allowed 2.46 yards after contact per carry, which is the worst performance for Alabama through the first 12 games of a season since 2011, the earliest year for which data is available. Of note: Only Memphis has gained more yards after first contact this year than Georgia.Of course, Tagovailoa is the closest thing to a cheat code in college football this season and could render these potential advantages for Georgia moot. The sophomore has racked up more passing touchdowns in the first half of games (27) than all but 21 schools1Excluding Alabama. have scored over the entire season. But this is an elite Georgia defense that could be Tagovailoa’s biggest test this season.The ultimate irony would be if a quarterback change by Smart decided the outcome of Saturday’s game. Jake Fromm has capably commanded the Georgia offense this season and has been sensational since his tepid showing during the team’s lone loss, which came against LSU. But Justin Fields, one of the most sought-after recruits from the 2018 class, has an uncanny athleticism that adds another potential threat to an already devastating offense. At receiver — again, the irony — Riley Ridley (brother of former Alabama star Calvin Ridley, who scored a touchdown in last season’s title game) has elevated his game this season. Fromm and Fields will look to Ridley, the team leader in receiving touchdowns, to take the top off the Alabama defense.If the game comes down to the wire, Georgia should be the more confident team. Long the Achilles’ heel of Saban-led teams, special teams could be what holds Alabama back. Kicker Joseph Bulovas has missed four of 16 field-goal attempts and has botched five extra points. And while the Crimson Tide ranks in the top two in offensive and defensive efficiency, it ranks a dismal 87th in special teams efficiency. “It’s not really acceptable,” Saban said earlier this month.Conversely, Rodrigo Blankenship, the bespectacled Georgia sensation, has been among college football’s most accurate kickers, nailing 19 of his 22 attempts and all 58 of his extra points. Georgia’s special teams rank far better than Alabama’s, landing at No. 38 in efficiency.It speaks to the sheer dominance of Alabama that Las Vegas sportsbooks installed the Crimson Tide as double-digit favorites against Georgia. But this is a dangerous underdog with all the trappings of a dominant squad. Some metrics consider the Bulldogs among the two best teams nationally. They won’t be short on motivation, if nothing else, as they seek to avenge last season’s loss when the lights were brightest.Check out our latest college football predictions. Season10+ yards gained20+ yards gainedYDS. After 1st Contact/Rush Perhaps the most underappreciated storyline in the SEC can be found in Athens. Running backs Sony Michel and Nick Chubb were selected in the first two rounds of this year’s NFL draft, and Georgia’s run game improved.This season, the two-headed monster of Elijah Holyfield and D’Andre Swift has run buckshot through the SEC. Each will likely eclipse the 1,000-yard mark. Largely behind the two, the Bulldogs have over their last four games rushed for 1,345 yards, more than nine teams have accumulated all season. Georgia has the conference’s top rushing attack, gashing opposing defenses for 259.8 yards per contest on 6.3 yards per attempt, and leads the conference in total rushes of 10-plus yards (102) and 20-plus yards (35).Now, it seems silly to nitpick an Alabama defense that has allowed only six rushing touchdowns all season and ranks in the top 15 in both rushing yards allowed per contest (114.0) and rushing yards allowed per carry (3.3) … but we’re going to do it anyway. If Alabama’s ultra-young defense has had difficulty with anything, it’s mitigating explosive plays. Over 12 games this season, the Crimson Tide has allowed 13 carries of 20-plus yards, tied with five teams for 35th-fewest in the nation. On top of that, the Tide defense has also allowed 38 carries of 10 or more yards. Both numbers are the most Alabama has allowed through 12 games since 2011: 201433–7–2.13 2018107.85 Yards after contact data is unavailable before 2011.Source: Espn Stats & Information Group Source: Espn Stats & Information Group 201223–6–1.47 201330–5–1.64 201838–13–2.46 2017127.22 Number of Opponent Rushing Plays with … read more

Football 2017 Threestar wide receiver Elijah Gardiner commits to Ohio State

Ohio State added its 20th member of the 2017 recruiting class with the commitment from three-star wide receiver Elijah Gardiner. He joins four-star Trevon Grimes and four-star Jaylen Harris as the wide receiver commits in OSU’s 2017 class.Gardiner, who hails from Kemp, Texas, visited Columbus this weekend on an official visit and received an offer from OSU. He was committed to Missouri until he flipped to the Buckeyes on Monday. The 6-foot-5, 185-pound Gardiner will be one of OSU’s tallest receivers on the roster in 2017.National Signing Day is on Wednesday.Thanks to all the schools that have recruited me but my family and I have decided to further my career at The Ohio State University.— Ellijah (@ellijahgardiner) January 30, 2017

Ohio State track and field unrepresented in 2012 Summer Olympics

Ohio State’s history of sending track and field athletes to the Olympic Games includes Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics. The 2012 Olympics, however, will not include any Buckeyes. Nine current and former OSU track and field athletes competed in their nation’s Olympic Team Trials hoping to qualify for this summer’s London Games, but none were successful. Eight Buckeyes attempted to qualify for the United States national team, while one competed north of the border in the Canadian trials. Of the eight Buckeyes who competed at the U.S. trials in Eugene, Ore., five qualified for their event’s final. Jeff See, a 2010 OSU alum and current volunteer assistant coach to the men’s track and field program, finished 9th in Sunday’s 1,500-meter run final with a time of 3 minutes, 38.81 seconds. In the 3,000-meter steeplechase final held Thursday, redshirt senior Cory Leslie finished 9th (8:33.94) while alum Brian Olinger finished 11th (8:37.93). Earlier in trials competition, recent OSU graduates Christina Manning and Mike Hartfield also made it to their event’s finals, but failed to qualify for the Olympics. Manning, the 2012 NCAA champion in 100-meter hurdles, finished 5th in that event at trials (12.92 seconds). Hartfield, the 2012 Big Ten long jump champion, placed 6th with a best jump of 7.79 meters. Sophomore Antonio Blanks was eliminated after finishing 13th in the semifinals of 400-meter hurdles with a time of 51.02 seconds. Recently graduated Matt DeChant finished 18th in shot put with a top throw of 18.13 meters. Senior Alexis Thomas, the 2012 Big Ten hammer throw champion, finished 22nd in the trials hammer throw (56.70 meters). Maggie Mullen, another OSU alum who completed her Buckeye track and field career in 2012, finished 9th in the hammer throw on Saturday at the Canadian trials, with a best throw of 57.13 meters. Although OSU will not send any track athletes to this year’s Olympics, 10 current or former Buckeyes have earned tickets to London. OSU athletes and alumni are set to represent at least seven different nations in at least six sports. The Olympic Games begin July 27 in London. read more

Alexis Franklin excelling despite devastating injury for Ohio State womens track

Then-freshman hurdler and sprinter Alexis Franklin clears the hurdle during the Big Ten Championship May 12 at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.Courtesy of OSU AthleticsAs the outdoor track season enters the third week of competition, the Ohio State women’s team relies on the strong performance of underclassmen to help motivate and improve the overall team morale.The women’s squad contains a group of student-athletes with strengths across the board, ranging from freshmen all the way up to seniors. Despite this, coach Karen Dennis said the strong work and performance from the underclassmen motivates the entire team to be better.“When they can come in and give us an immediate impact, that makes everyone better,” Dennis said. “As long as we can keep (the underclassmen) improving and add the strength and experience of our juniors and seniors, that is really going to make the whole team just that much better team.”An underclassman who has specifically shown a strong performance is sophomore hurdler and sprinter Alexis Franklin. Franklin was named the 2013 Big Ten Outdoor Freshman of the Year, but rolled her ankle during the first meet of the indoor season, the Buckeye Classic at the French Field House in January.“It was devastating,” Franklin said of her injury. “It killed me to see everyone out there running, when I wanted to be out there running with them.”Franklin said having to sit out all indoor season was really hard because she is not one to “sit back on the sidelines.”“This is the sport that I love, so it was really hard to just be a spectator versus a competitor,” Franklin said.However, it motivated her to work hard during her rehab and get healthy again so she could come back strong and ready to run come outdoor season.And that she did.In her debut of the outdoor season at the Yellow Jacket Invitational, she took second in the 400-meter hurdles, snagging a time of 59.40 seconds. The following week at the LSU Battle on the Bayou, Franklin came in first in the 400-meter hurdles finishing second in the long hurdle with a time of 58.65 seconds.“I am so happy to have her back,” Dennis said. “She is such an amazing athlete. We really missed her contributions indoors, but look forward to it outdoors.”Franklin said she could not be happier to be back running with her teammates. When she was on the sidelines, one of the hardest parts of the injury was not being able to help the team.“I love being a part of a group of women that puts in the hard work to be the championship team that we are,” Franklin said. “(Being an underclassman) gives me more time to get better each year, (staying) hungry for winning anything that I can.”Another strong underclassman is freshman sprinter Aaliyah Barnes. The native of the two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin’s alma mater, Eastmoor Academy, said she was reluctant at first to come to OSU, although her family members are huge Buckeye fans and encouraged her to lean toward OSU. She joked that during her other college visits, her mom would wear OSU spirit wear spanning from an OSU jacket, all the way down to her tennis shoes.Barnes said she’s grateful that she was swayed by her family’s love for OSU.“Some schools, it’s just track. You are only there for one thing, to run,” Barnes said. “But our coach is more of a family-type person, it’s more than just a team.”Barnes said the most encouraging aspect of the coaching staff is how the coaches want to see each athlete grow as women and not just as track athletes.“Having a team and running for someone else, not just yourself, makes me want to do better,” Barnes said.Dennis said she doesn’t place a ton of expectations on the incoming freshman, but was impressed by the nature of Barnes’ character and drive to be a great competitor.“(It’s) a rare quality for a freshman to come in with no sense of fear and just be excited to race every weekend and excited to be in practice every day,” Dennis said. “She just appreciates everyday wearing the scarlet and gray.”Barnes cruised to first place in the 400-meter dash in the last meet at the LSU Battle on the Bayou April 5 with a time of 53.58 seconds. She, like Franklin, has made an impressive debut to the outdoor season.“My goal is for (everyone) to know who I am by the end of the year,” Barnes said.The women’s team is off this weekend, but is set to return to action at home in the Jesse Owens Classic April 18. read more

Buckeye defense gaining confidence following win over Maryland

Freshman linebacker Raekwon McMillan (5) scores a touchdown during a game against Maryland on Oct. 4 at Byrd Stadium in College Park, Md. OSU won, 52-24.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorWith the score 24-10 near the end of the second quarter, and with Maryland holding all the momentum, redshirt-freshman linebacker Darron Lee stepped in front of a pass by redshirt-senior quarterback C.J. Brown and put a stop to the Terps’ run.Then almost gave it back. Lee fumbled his interception near the Maryland goal line before it was recovered by a fellow Buckeye — freshman linebacker Raekwon McMillan — at the Terrapin one-yard line. Co-defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Luke Fickell said the McMillan recovery was a product of effort, not chance. “It’s not by accident. Those things are made to happen. It’s just like it’s not by accident that somehow No. 5 just comes up with the ball a couple of times,” Fickell said after the game. “He is always around the football. Those are things that I am not saying we taught, but they don’t happen by accident.”Later in the game, McMillan forced a turnover of his own as he picked off a deflected pass from Maryland’s backup quarterback, junior Caleb Rowe, in the fourth quarter and returned it 19 yards for an OSU score. McMillan said the play was the result of good teamwork on defense.“It’s one of the best feelings in the world,” he said postgame. “My teammates helped me out by tipping the ball and I just took advantage of the moment.”While Rowe was not under too much pressure on that particular throw, McMillan added that the play of the defensive line is what helped him have a big game.“We have one of the best, if not the best, defensive line in the nation,” he said. “It really helps the linebackers out. It really clears stuff up for us.”Fickell added that the pressure the defensive line put on the Maryland quarterbacks is something he believes the Buckeyes are improving at every week. “I think that’s the thing you are starting to see from us. We are a little bit further along now that we’ve got some multiplicity to what we do,” Fickell said. “We can give those guys an opportunity to get pressure and pin their ears back and do some things.”A week after giving up 352 yards passing without forcing a turnover against Cincinnati, the Buckeyes held the Terrapins to 310 total yards and forced four turnovers — all of which were interceptions. Fickell said the entire defense deserves credit for the more impressive display, but added that the secondary looked better against Maryland.“It all works together. I think that is the biggest thing,” he said. “When things break down, when you are not playing sound (defense) — that’s the thing that is going to glare at us. Things are going really, really well but then all of a sudden something big happens. There’s a lot of things to really, really build on.”One thing the Buckeyes seemed to need to work on was secondary play in the red zone, as two pass interference calls in the end zone eventually led to Terrapin touchdowns.Coach Urban Meyer said following the game that as he and his coaching staff get more confident in the defense, it will allow them to play more aggressively.“We are going to be more aggressive on defense with tighter coverage,” Meyer said. “There’s somewhat of a risk that we need to continue to work on with the isolated man-to-man coverage, but there’s also more opportunity to step in front of the ball like we did today.”With a more successful performance against the Terrapins, Lee said the defense is continuing to build toward a completed product and added that its ultimate goal can be described in one word.“Dominate. Dominate any way we can. That has been our goal really from the start of the season, but we knew it was going to be a slow process,” Lee said. “We got to dominate and we have to start to dominate on a constant basis. We are going to continue to work on that.”If the defense continues to improve, Lee said Buckeye fans will be proud of the finished product.“We are getting a lot better. And we are going to continue to get better,” Lee said. “That’s what gets us going is that we can always get better, and I know that the end result is going to be scary, so just wait on it.”The Buckeyes are scheduled for a bye week before taking on Rutgers on Oct. 18 at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. read more

Ofcom considers Comic Relief probe after swearing and sound complaints

first_imgRegulator Ofcom said that most of the complaints it received related to content rather than technical issues.A spokesman said: “We have received 151 complaints about Comic Relief 2017 on the BBC. We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.”Highlights of the Friday night telethon, on BBC1 and BBC2, included the Love Actually sequel, starring Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley and Colin Firth.But viewers complained on Twitter about the use of swearwords before the watershed, including during a Mrs Brown’s Boys skit with former JLS star Aston Merrygold.One viewer said: “The worst Red Nose Day I’ve ever watched. Not one funny sketch and two different ‘comedians’ swearing before watershed. Disgusting.” I’m watching red nose day on recording and the sound quality is AWFUL— Rebecca (@panicforhell) March 24, 2017 Sir Lenny Henry and Jonathan Ross, who paid tribute to those affected by the attack on Westminster  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The complaints come in the same year that Comic Relief launched a Swear Jar app – so people can donate money to Comic Relief every time that they use bad language. Sir Lenny Henry and Jonathan Ross, who paid tribute to those affected by the attack on Westminster Credit: Gary Moyes/BBC A skit involving Good Morning Britain star Reid, in which she was jokingly interviewed by Reeves and Bob Mortimer in character as The Stotts, drew negative comments after Reeves flashed a fake penis between his legs under a kilt.”So Reeves and Mortimer exposing a fake penis to Susanna Reid, talking weird and making her uncomfortable is supposed to be funny?,” a viewer said. Some of the segments were difficult to hear due to the “diabolical” audio. Host Sir Lenny Henry was even forced to ask the studio audience at London’s O2 Arena to be quiet.Many viewers complained they could barely hear what was happening on their TV screens.One viewer wrote: “The sound on Red Nose Day is dreadful” and another adding “Considering the O2 is home to hundreds of music events each year, the sound tonight is diabolical.”A BBC spokesperson said: “There was a minor technical issue that meant the show was off-air for a minute, but quickly restored.”An average of 6.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the programme and it scored a peak of 7.6 million.The amount raised so far for this year’s Red Nose Day has reached more than £73 million.The BBC added: “The Red Nose Day 2017 broadcast was a live studio environment enjoyed by a peak audience of 7.6 million which raised over £73 million.”This will go a huge way to help improve the lives of many people both here in the UK and in some of the world’s poorest countries.” TV watchdog Ofcom is considering whether to launch an investigation into the BBC’s Red Nose Day telethon after the fundraiser sparked more than 150 complaints.The Comic Relief show was criticised on social media for pre-watershed profanity and sound problems.Several moments on the show – including when Vic Reeves flashed a fake penis at Susanna Reid before the 9pm watershed and when host Russell Brand responded to a technical glitch by saying “f***ing hell” live on air – sparked controversy.last_img read more

Last Sea Vixen plane Foxy Lady performs emergency landing

first_imgScott Dabinett, 32, captured amazing photos of the incident, which saw the pilot make an impressive landing without landing gear after flying back from the Duxford Air Show in Cambridgeshire.He said: “As soon as we saw the pilot was OK we all started breathing again. Everyone was shaking. The emergency guys were on the scene straight away and took control of the situation.”Mr Dabinett said the aircraft had taken off at 4.15pm and they waited one hour and 10 minutes for it to return. A pilot had a lucky escape after the last remaining Sea Vixen plane did an emergency landing at an airfield in Somerset on Saturday.The pilot walked away uninjured after the aircraft, known as the Foxy Lady, did a “belly-landing” on return to its base in Yeovilton. “The feeling between the few of us standing by was that this does not look good. On the final approach we all crossed our fingers and held our breaths whilst pointing our cameras at the Sea Vixen. As soon as she touched the runway the canopy was released and engines were shut down. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.  the last remaining Sea Vixen plane doing an emergency landing at Yeovilton air base in Somerset   the last remaining Sea Vixen plane doing an emergency landing at Yeovilton air base in Somerset Credit:Bav Media  the last remaining Sea Vixen plane doing an emergency landing at Yeovilton air base in Somerset center_img  the last remaining Sea Vixen plane doing an emergency landing at Yeovilton air base in Somerset Credit:Bav Media  the last remaining Sea Vixen plane doing an emergency landing at Yeovilton air base in Somerset “She slid up the runway very smoothly and under control. It was much quieter than I was expecting. Eventually she came to a stop. We kept waiting for movement from the pilot.”Sea Vixen XP924 “Foxy Lady” is operated by Fly Navy Heritage Trust Navy Wings.It first flew on September 23, 1963 and was delivered to 899 Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton on December 18, 1963.Retirement from active service sent her to Royal Naval Aircraft Yard at Belfast in August 1971.The aircraft was gifted to Naval Aviation Ltd in September 2014 and now operates from the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton.The Sea Vixen is an unusually configured aircraft that first flew in 1951. It was the first British two-seat aircraft to break the sound barrier when it achieved Mach speed in a dive during its operational testing phase in the early 1950’s. the last remaining Sea Vixen plane doing an emergency landing at Yeovilton air base in Somerset Credit:Bav Media He added: “The aircraft returned from Duxford and flew up the runway. We then heard radio communications between the tower and the pilot asking for visual of the landing gear.”The response was your undercarriage is clean, which means it is still up. After several more passes and discussion between pilot and tower and other emergency personnel, it was soon announced that this was going to be a gear-up belly landing.last_img read more

Almost half of recent graduates believe they will never be able to

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “That is all very well if you do Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE), but if you do a different degree at a less prestigious university, you can earn less than if you hadn’t borrowed in the first place and just gone straight into work,” she said.A report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) last year warned that almost eight in ten graduates will never pay back their full student loan under the new tuition fees system.The IFS said that there are “major issues” with the current system, as its research showed that most graduates will still be paying off student loans into their 50s.The number of graduates who fail to clear their debt before it is written off has almost doubled since 2011, when the Government axed the old maintenance grants in favour of a loan system.Under the new system, 77.4 per cent of graduates will never fully repay their debts, compared to 41.5 per cent of graduates under the previous system, according to the IFS. “It reflects the fact that people on their way to university are rather naïve and badly informed about higher education,” he said.“We need to do a much better job of explaining the finances and everything about university life to school leavers. Most people say they go to university because they want to get a rewarding job, but this suggests their perceptions change once they have graduated.” Almost half of recent graduates believe they will never be able to pay back their student loan, as experts warn that they would be better off without university. A major report, commissioned by the new universities regulator, The Office for Students, analysed the views of 6,000 young people about value for money in higher education.Just ten per cent of school leavers thought they would be unable to pay back their loan within 30 years, which rose to 28 per cent of university students. Among recent graduates, 42 per cent said they do not expect to repay their loans in full.Nick Hillman, director of the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi), said it is “telling” that the proportion of youngsters who believe they will never earn enough to pay back their student loan rises sharply after they graduate.  Professor John Jerrim, from University College London’s Institute of Education, said that most teenagers tend to overestimate their future salary when deciding whether or not to go to university.  “The truth is, a significant proportion of young people who go to university will not earn what they expect, and hence not be able to fully pay back their loan,” he said. “Some young people may as well go straight into the labour market instead. With pressure on higher education funding, I think a proper conversation is needed on how many should be going.” Prime Minister Theresa May announced a review of tertiary education and university fundingcenter_img Prime Minister Theresa May announced a review of tertiary education and university fundingCredit: Carl Court Last month Prime Minister Theresa May announced a review of tertiary education and university funding, as she attacked Britain’s “outdated attitude” to university education as she says too many people take degrees and are charged too much money for their courses.She admitted that the current system of tuition fees is not working because the amount students pay for their courses bears no relation to the “cost or quality of their course”.Dr Joanna Williams, a senior lecturer in higher education at Kent University, said that the most damaging type of “misinformation” for teenagers is that going to university will lead to a better job or add a “graduate premium” to a salary. Most teenagers tend to overestimate their future salary when deciding whether or not to go to university Most teenagers tend to overestimate their future salary when deciding whether or not to go to universitylast_img read more